Monday, November 26, 2007

:anime: The Attack Of (and On) Digital Distribution...

For HardDoor's first anniversary, the occasion was celebrated with the creation of a web directory/guide leading to free or low-cost anime legally found on the Internet. One of the themes of it and its accompanying article was to show the efforts being made by anime companies and distributors in discouraging the "illegal" downloading of shows, which has been a major source of concern in terms of DVD sales in North America and other regions.

The digital distribution movement has picked up steam over the last year and can found through many means, from video game consoles (Xbox Live) to streaming video web sites. The latter have been on under hot contention, as a number have hosted both fansubs and officially authorized episodes from distributors (and in some cases, ones that were not placed by them). BitTorrent is another such method that is being readily used by both sides as a way of distributing anime. Its way of peer-to-peer interaction that is meant to be less resource-intensive and easier on bandwidth. However, with the sheer volume and the sizes of the video files being traded, these issues are still present.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Looooong Period... 2007 Edition

Ah, October and early to mid November. Quite possibly the busiest time of the year, with a myriad of papers, work, and exams to do almost back-to-back. Despite all of this, there were still a number of news bits coming down the anime and boxing pipelines. With things settling down a bit, I'll consolidate some of this in a nifty little this one.