Sunday, July 31, 2011

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade

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Sports anime have never really found a footing in the North American market, in spite of some rather well-received ones that have appeared here in retail and on the web (Princess Nine, Fighting Spirit/Hajime no Ippo, Big Windup!, and Cross Game, to name a few). They are big in Japan, though, and classic titles of the likes of Champion Joe/Ashita no Joe and Ace wo Nerae! have had a widespread influence on anime and manga, regardless of their genre, for the decades that followed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::07.27.11:: Khan Zaps Judah


Amir Khan KO5 Zab Judah

Before their anticipated match-up this past Saturday, more than fair share of people had Zab Judah, rejuvenated and refocused, knocking-out rising star Amir Khan by the halfway point. But the only one left standing by then wasn't the Brooklynite…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

:boxing: The Breaking Point

What happens when you numerically out-land your opponent across every category? When your connect rate doubles (and sometimes triples) your opponent's in every single round? When you land nearly 50% of your power punches (more than double his own, at 21%)? Where your lowest round percentage of 34% still tops his best by 5% (and was the only time, besides a 38% in another round, that you went below 40% in the entire fight--and you still connected more than him both times!) and your highest was 68% (with two other trips above 60%--spending half of the fight landing at least 45% of your power punches)? How about when you out-jab and, in total, out-land your opponent by a 2:1 margin, snapping back his head with each successive shot, displaying the greater ring generalship, and having people question the health of your opponent more than your own, as you don a massive knot on the side of your head? And what happens when the crowd, analysts, the press, and other ringside observers--including your opponent's corner during the match--have you winning the fight?