Sunday, July 31, 2016

:anime: The After-Review:: Pan de Peace!

Like a charm…

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The After-Review: Pan de Peace!

Welcome all to the second-ever "after-review" at HardDoor! If you are wondering what an "after-review" is, it is basically the equivalent of an "after-party" for a review, where things are less formal, I shoot-the-breeze a bit, and delve into matters that either didn't make the review or were too spoiler-ish. There is no true format or decorum, and we just might drift off-topic, but it's all good!

We've got ourselves a bread party going on here (the best kind of party), so grab a plate, and some of that fancy-tasting cheese, and let's have some nice, peaceful (mostly) wholesome fun!!

:anime: Final Impression:: Pan de Peace!

Give the gift…The gift of bread

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Review: Pan de Peace!

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There is no way to read the description for Pan de Peace! and not think of it as the final, lowest marker in the depths of the "cute girls in a high-school club"/"cute-girls-doing-cute-things" sub-genre, popularized by K-ON's "light-music" focused group, among others. In the cramped vastness of "show/club (often barely) revolving around n" and the ever-prevalent "me, too" mentality, a title about four girls in a bread-lovers club feels almost as if one has reached the absolute limit of workable potential within the concept, akin to one reaching the end of time or the Internet.

Surely, no one would ever bother animating such as title, lest they be so plainly desperate. No matter how short its runtime, there could be no real reason for its existence, correct?