Thursday, June 30, 2016

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: Not As Advertised…

Last time, we focused on anime that, at first glance, seemed certain to be horrible, but turned out to be better than expected. This time around, we'll be tweaking the focus a bit and looking at shows that plain looked uninteresting, not worth anticipating, or just "more of the same". Just as one might be compelled to ignore a short that looks bad, who would want to spend a whole cour (12-13 episodes, or roughly a season's length (i.e. summer, winter)) watching something they are not interested in or think they have seen countless times elsewhere? Well, it can pay to take a step forward (or two)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

HardDoor--The **Tenth** Anniversary!!


457 posts. 3 social networking pages. 1 screenshot haven. 1 free anime directory. Thousands of pageviews. A number of specials. 3.5 designs. 3 logos (or 4, if you count the title banner). And 10 years later…

Nine times have I come and commemorated this day, giving a little tidbit about the blog, maybe a state of affairs, and giving you, the reader, my genuine thanks. I have had many things to talk about, many anime to spotlight, many matches to analyze, and a slew of items to preview and review on two of my favorite interests, coupled here in what I have come to internally call "the chicken & waffle house of the internet". I've had more than a few pictures to share, fun nights live blogging, things that I've written that I've been happy about and others I've self-critiqued to no end (more than a few times, it was very same piece!). I've done things I never thought I'd do, like have a Twitter account or even a tumblr, even moonlight a time or two. I have wrestled about whether to write about this first or post "that other one" later; scrutinizing and proofreading a lengthy post or just a simple message multiple times over; have a free flow of thought one time and long, pondering sessions leading to just a few sentences others; and sometimes, maybe not a whole lot of time or resources to write and do what I've truly wanted to do or go with something.