Saturday, January 26, 2008

:anime & boxing: Ashita no/Tomorrow's/Champion Joe Finally Enters North America!

After a a bit of an "unofficial" first post, here we are with the first real "official" anime and boxing combo topic! And it's on a title that I had long wished to have covered for the first one. It's a tad late (this was announced yesterday), but it is welcomed news, nonetheless...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

:boxing: The Bout That Happened Too Late:: Jones vs. Trinidad

Roy Jones, Jr. is one of the most gifted fighters in history, a multi-weight-class champion (from middleweight to heavyweight) with great God-given talent. Felix Trinidad is one of the most storied and feared middleweight champions in history, possessing both power and a brutal fighting style. Now, the two icons will meet, at light heavyweight, in what one could describe as a "dream match" on Saturday in the vaunted Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

:anime: Decade's Best…So Far (2007 Edition) :: Anime (Top 20) ::: Insight

I tried to remain as fair and impartial as possible in formulating a list of the best twenty anime in the seven years that have passed thus far, which wasn't quite an easy feat given the field. Nos. 2 through 5 were all strong contenders for No. 1, constantly being switched out of the spot during the formulation period. It wasn't until towards the very end that I remembered Spirited Away. Though the others were all more than worthy, it seemed perfectly well that the movie was most deserving at the top, given its praise, awards, and production values. After some thinking and multiple considerations, forming the list started to feel more natural once I gathered twenty titles together. I had a good idea then of which would occupy Nos. 20 through No. 16, which, more coincidentally than intentionally, contained shows that had a greater amount of praise on one side than the other (i.e. more attention from critics than from fans, vise versa). No. 15 to No. 11 featured (once again, more coincidentally than intentionally) shows that have experienced a mixture of both, as well as good deal of success, though they had not had the sort of impact, including in terms of success and praise, as those in the Top Ten. I suppose that FLCL could be an exception to the rule, but ultimately, there were other shows that there better than it in the grander scheme. The aforementioned Nos. 10 through No. 1 turned out to be the most popular shows in respect to the thoughts of critics and fans. As critical response holds a greater weight than that of the latter, there are some titles that were supported, in part, by this over some of the more fan-intensive ones (Eureka Seven over Gurren-Lagann, Millennium Actress' placement on the list comes to mind). Of course, it is overall merits that hold the greatest share in the decision, so the picks were not solely limited to being some popularity contest.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

:anime: Decade's Best…So Far (2007 Edition) :: Anime (Top 20) ::: Introduction and #20 to #16

Many a debate has swirled around whether this decade has been a "golden age" for anime or whether it has been not. While that sort of label is not the topic of interest here, what is is what are the top twenty anime of decade--so far. This list of will be updated accordingly after the end of each year until a final master list is achieved at the end of the decade. The anime in contention (shows, movies, OVA, etc.) are judged primarily on its own merits and critical opinion, with slight attention being paid to popularity (this isn't exactly "Decade's Most Popular") and a dash of my own personal discretion (the list is unbiased overall, outside of the accompanying "Personal Opinion" with each entry). Only anime that have either begun showing since January 1, 2000, have been shown in their entirety from that date to December 31, 2007 (2009 in the end), or have aired a vast majority of its episodes (i.e. long-running shows of 75 eps. or more) in that given period of time are eligible. Five will be revealed until the number one anime of the decade--so far--is revealed.

And so, we start, from #20 to #16...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

:anime & boxing: Decade's Best…So Far (2007 Edition) :: Introduction

*Gasp!* The first ever "anime" and "boxing" combo topic on HardDoor...even if this isn't a true collaboration of the two...

Ah, it's that time of year. A time when people ponder deeply and formulate lists of what is the best of the best of the past 365(6) days. However, at HardDoor, things are done a bit differently in this respect, as such aspects in anime and boxing will instead be reflected against the entire decade (as it currently stands) and reevaluated with each passing year. Doing it this way is a little more unique among other lists and it would seem pretty interesting to see how the lists evolve as the decade come to a close.

A list of the top anime will be posted first, followed by a list of the top boxers. The latter will come later since more thought will be needed in assessing it (unlike a normally completed work like anime, boxers and their merits are constantly changing with each fight; one fighter may be consider be considered great in one bout and totally exposed in the next, which further leads to a need to carefully judge those in consideration). They will be revealed in countdown order (last-to-first) in set intervals until the best of the best is revealed. Other similar lists may pop up as time goes by, so keep a look out!