Friday, June 30, 2006

:anime: Transformers Vs. NASA's Puny Space Rovers

The new Transformers teaser trailer debuted, giving a slight glimpse of the film's premise and of a rover getting jacked up by one of the big bots. The movie will no doubt feature great special effects (it is a requisite if they want to successfully and viably pull off the transformation sequences) and if done well could become a truly massive hit. Despite Michael Bay being in the director's seat, whose often schmaltzly, sappy style has ruined many a film (and could really harm this one, if occupied with annoying kids), executive producer Steven Spielburg could perhaps help steer the film away from the bloated Hollywood-defined likes of Pearl Harbor and Armageddon. Whatever Transformers may bring, I will still go out to see it in the theaters, at least for the visual and aural effects alone.

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