Wednesday, November 29, 2006

HardDoor:: Back Again!

After weeks of back-to-back exams, papers, and presentations, I can finally get back to this blog! I tried to post a few times, but the tight working period restrained any real sort of free time for doing so. In my absence, some really interesting tidbits arose in the worlds of anime and boxing, such as ADV's surprise acquisitions of Le Chevalier d'Eon (GREAT show, BTW) & Sergeant Frog (better known as Keroro Gunso), and Morales' second KO loss to Pacquiao, which could set up the dream fight between the latter and sensation Edwin Valero.

I still aim to keep HardDoor up-to-date with the latest of news on both fronts as possible, and of course, I'll try to keep up a decent stream of special articles and thoughts along the way (speaking of which, keep an eye out for a special two-to-three parter). In any event, though, it certainly is good to be back!


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