Thursday, August 30, 2007

Of Computer Fans and Replacement Parts...

Ah, what one non-functioning fan can do to a computer...

For about a year or so, the main exhaust fan on my computer had been making a loud, annoying screeching sound. Usually, a few taps (some albeit forceful, when necessary) on the center casing portion of it remedied the problem, but apparently, exactly one week ago, I made one tap too many. That final one stopped the noise alright--and the fan itself. Knowing that a lack of proper air flow in the computer can be a very bad thing, I turned off the computer and had to resort to using the family computer to find out how to fix the fan. The end result of that researching pointed out that the power supply fan, as it was, was done (the noise was a big indicator that it was dying, already) and the unit itself should never be opened at all, unless you wanted to be electrocuted.

Going on the website of and contacting HP, my computer's manufacturer, proved relatively fruitless. Since that particular power supply unit was apparently no longer made by them and my computer was old (four years, to be exact), they suggested that I buy another tower, even with a discount from them (*insert long, drawn-out laughter*). Knowing better, I looked online for a replacement, as HP listed the part number on the site, and found that that the model was still in relative abundance. After finding the exact one, I rush ordered it and had it installed (thankfully, the person at Best Buy who did it, whom I previously saw in a few days earlier to see if they could fix it, did so in a matter of minutes). I would have done this myself, but since I was not extremely versed in computer innards, I didn't want to take the chance this time around and decided to have a professional do it, instead.

Over the course of the week, I have had very little time to access HardDoor and post on it, outside of a few cursory updates for the Guide links. In that span, an online VOD has begun offering anime, ADV and Geneon semi-paired up, and the boxing scene's been pretty quiet. I will post the news later on, but right now, it's so nice to have a non-squeaky fan in the computer... :D


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