Thursday, September 27, 2007

:anime: Up and Over The Waterfall with Geneon USA:: R.I.P.?

On September 21, Geneon Entertainment [USA] Inc. sent out a letter announcing the foreclosure of their "distributing and marketing operations" as of 5PM PST tomorrow, September 28. Coming as a culmination of the dropped ADV Films deal, all orders from Geneon will be "FINAL" as of Friday and non-terminable afterwards. In addition, all titles with releases past November 6 have been cancelled and With the fate of their production team already sealed as of December 31 this year, the end of Geneon USA as we know it appears eminent as well. I say "as we know it" because it is unknown about what Dentsu is doing, or why Geneon is where it is right at this moment. Things do not look good at all for the subsidiary from all angles. However, the signs still point towards a "licensing arm" reformation and judging from polls on ANN and AoD, people still have a lot of love and faith in Geneon and are looking forward to purchasing their products again should they ever return in some capacity.

On the brighter side of news (depending on your feelings for the group), Bandai Visual USA has announced that their dot-anime web shop will be acting as their "interim retail center" , which become the primary spot to purchase their offerings until another deal elsewhere can be reached (as suggested earlier).

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