Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::08.05.08:: IBF Titles - Darchinyan Wins, Judah Falters

The welterweight division just keeps shifting, as another major player gets derailed.

[C] Vic Darchinyan KO5 IBF Super Flyweight Champion Dimitri Kirilov [Showtime]

Not Previously Mentioned
[C] :Sat.08.02.08: (Vacent IBF Welterweight Championship) Joshua Clottey TD9 Zab Judah [HBO]
--Not a bad match, as Judah looked to be up in the first couple of rounds before Clottey began to take advantage of the seemingly tiring fighter. An "accidental headbutt" created a long, nasty cut above Judah's right eye and he failed the ringside doctor's "finger count" test, the fight was stopped and went to the score cards (the replay, however, would show an uppercut as the more probable culprit, as there was no such head contact shown). Clottey's command of the mid- and latter rounds helped him win the unanimous decision. Judah, fighting at his best in years (and not completely melting-down like in other bouts), held steadfast that the cut was caused by a headbutt, even though the tape shown to him said otherwise. Will this win garner Clottey another chance at toppling new division king Antonio Margarito, who he gave such a hard time two years ago?

:Sat.08.02.08: Anthony Peterson UD(10) Javier Jauregui (Light Welterweight)

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