Wednesday, October 01, 2008

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::10.01.08:: Mosley Victorious With Last-Second KO...Literally

Shane Mosley continued to show that he's still got it, while Andre Berto showed that he might have something to behold in the future at the end of a (T)KO-packed two weeks...

Ronald Hearns TKO1 Alexander Pacheco Quiroz (Light Middleweight)

DaVarryl Williamson TKO2 Cerrone Fox (Heavyweight)

Almazbek Raiymkulov MD(10) Javier Jauregui (Lightweight)

Paul Williams TKO1 Andy Kolle (Middleweight) [Versus]

Chris Arreola TKO3 Carlos Garcia (Heavyweight) [Versus]

Yusaf Mack TKO6 Omar Pittman (Light Heavyweight)

Vicente Escobedo TKO6 Dominic Salcido (Lightweight)

Shane Mosley KO12 Ricardo Mayorga (Light Middleweight) [HBO]
--This was a match-up that I had been anticipating for a while. Mosley and Mayorga were two men that could go at it viciously and I thought that Mayorga, in spite of his lack of skill, near-total lack of defense, and propensity to fold like a wet deck of cards when he starts running low on gas and the power and pressure take their toll on him, would be able to pull a Vernon Forrest performance, utilizing his tricky, unorthodox style, and take the fight to Mosley, who doesn't always fare on the better side of more physically-even bouts or ones that are stylistically difficult--at least give himself a good chance at winning. The fight itself was a competitive one for the most part, with a more focused, and apparently smoke-and-booze-free, Mayorga doing well in fighting against the far-superior Mosley and holding his own for the much of the early part of it. Mosley began to settle in and Mayorga steadily faded back across the middle portion, exchanging a number of shots (landed by the former in a greater perchantage) and clinching along the way. Both looked tired at times and more energetic at others, but Mayorga was still in it despite falling behind.

The tweleth round saw both pugilists try to end out strong, and Mayorga could at least save face with in a "good" decision loss. Instead, his defense-less tactics bit him hard at the very end, as he left himself open to a furious hook to the chin that sent him to the canvas in the closing seconds of the fight. Barely making it up, he ate a barrage of Mosley punches that crushed him for good, stopping the match with just one second left. With Mayorga's insanely foolish disregard for paying attention, being concentious, and not guarding himself being his downfall, Mosley really rose for the opporitunity and capitialized on a moment that will surely become one of his career highlights (even if he was already ahead on two of the scorecards). Thankfully, he's not jumping at the chance to fight Margarito (good chance at getting the treatment he just gave Mayorga) and is instead weighing his options at the twilight of his journey. All-in-all, a good, competitive, and at times close, bout (But really, Larry Merchant..."Shane Mosley, I love you!" immediately after the KO, so emphatically...

[C] WBC Welterweight Champion Andre Berto UD Steve Forbes [HBO]
--Berto looked pretty in defending his belt against the always-game Forbes. Some stamina problems here and there, but otherwise he was consistant and solid, and showed a good deal of offensive power and skill. As promising as he is, and as vicious a pedigree he hails from (practically everyone in his family is a fighter in some discipline(s)--and his father's one tough cookie...), he still needs some tweaking and work, so don't look him taking on any fights from Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams, or even Joshua Clottey just yet...

Tarvis Simms UD(10) Robert Frazier (Middleweight)

[C] WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa UD Sonny Boy Jaro

Not Previously Mentioned
:Thurs.09.25.08: Brian Viloria UD(8) Juan Javier Lagos (Flyweight)
:Sat.09.27.08: Luis Collazo TKO8 Russell Jordan (Welterweight)
:Sat.09.27.08: Ray Austin UD(8) Domonic Jenkins (Heavyweight)
:Sat.09.27.08: Guillermo Jones TKO10 Firat Arslan (Cruiserweight)

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