Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::11.10.09:: Dawson, Perez Impress

It's been quite awhile since the last "Boxing Bits" installment, but since I changed the format of the Seasonal Boxing Preview, I've been trying to figure out how to better utilize the feature and steer it away from the format it had used for so long. It was never intended to be so close in conjunction with the Preview, which stemmed from a temporary measure and experiment. While it will still be retain some connectivity with it, I'll solely be using it for commentary on select fights. We'll see how well it will work from here.

Since it's been so long since the last "Boxing Bits" (Super Six edition excluded), I will just be covering the fights within the last two weeks. Within that frame of time, there have been some pretty nice match-ups and interesting developments, such as the Agbeko-Perez slugfest, Haye defeating Valuev, and Dawson finally rising to the occasion to definitively beat Johnson.

--A real bad night of tricks for Darchinyan conqueror and champ Joseph Agbeko, who lost a close, non-stop punching cavalcade against young challenger Yonnhy Perez. I was very skeptical about the undefeated fighter (in only his 20th bout!) getting the opportunity, given how the sanctioning bodies love to give hot up-and-comers belts way before their ripening, but he proved he deserved it--and the win--that Saturday night. Though both traded shots without reprieve, Perez landed the sharper punches and was generally the busier of the two. He displayed skill that betrayed his age and looked better overall than the champion, as well. However, Agbeko stayed with him and landed some good blows of his own, which made the wide decision win in the challenger's favor very puzzling (the margin, not the verdict).

--I suppose Austin may fight Chris Arreola in the near future in some tune-up fight for the latter, but don't expect another title shot for him any time soon. And Williamson, don't think I haven't forgotten about your 2005 "fight" against Chris Byrd...

--Judah and Casamayor reign victorious again, but just an eight-rounder for the old-schooler and an icing by "Super" of a guy not far removed from a .500 record? Considering they are both within the Welterweight division, more or less, perhaps they may meet sometime next year...

--Chad Dawson has all of the talent in the world, but in the latter portions of fights, when fatigue and complacency sets in, he has looked unspectacular and placed himself in jeopardy. None of that, though, was present in his commanding victory over the tough Glen Johnson in a rematch of their controversial bout last year. The victor here was not in doubt as Dawson fought his own fight and executed a calm, precise gameplan of circling and picking off Johnson with quick, sticking straight shots and combo work. As durable as Johnson usually is, he looked a little flat (including body-wise) and was unable to pull off much of anything against the faster, more sprite Dawson. With his career reinvigorated, "Bad" Chad should have more fans looking his way...and some more fighters looking the other way.

--Zero surprise to see Haye beat the lumbering and slow Valuev, though the fight sounds close, which is about par for most of his bouts against top-level opponents (he does have his power, after all, and isn't that terrible of a fighter). That said, I was--and still am--hoping that someone would KTFO Haye's annoying self...

--I appreciate Yorgey for trying to stay in there and trade with Angulo, even when his punches were losing their zip and he was getting far more than he was giving, but the whole situation was a bad KO waiting to happen--and it surely did. Thankfully, he managed to get up off the canvas, but that was still sick-looking. That being said, I can't completely fault anyone for allowing the bout to go as long as it did, due to Yorgey's competitiveness, though it is times like that where having a big heart can lead to bad things.

--I am probably the only person outside of St. Louis who was looking forward to seeing Cory Spinks fight...

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