Monday, February 01, 2010

So...We Talk Again...

This month will prove to be a busy month for HardDoor, but also a very special one in many ways. I'll be working hard on a particular topic that I have been saving specifically for this month ever since I started the blog, and because of that, a few "sacrifices" will need to be made to accommodate this.

As such, the winter anime preview will be truncated to a basic listing and a few brief thoughts for each title (though I will still give the usual links, such as to free legal streaming). I'm still unsure of what I will do with the boxing edition, though I would really rather not drop it for the season.

The past two months have seen two free/low-cost anime picks and February will continue that unintended trend thanks to the streaming of a certain mega-franchise celebrating its 30th anniversary. It was originally going to be about the commemorating anime, but it will now include a few of its peers as well, most likely across two posts. And speaking of free anime (and back to "sacrifices"), some may have noticed the few, slight changes made to the Directory, including the recent section addition. It's definitely not the last and some big ones lay ahead over the course of this month and the ones to come--and maybe some outside it as well.

For a good while, I have had trouble with time and access restraints, but now I'm in a good spot and have switched things up a little, as evident with the consecutive posts for the last couple of days. All things considered, I'll probably start posting the "Decade's Best" lists next month ("Anime" is largely done, "Boxing" needs a little more cross-checking) and some other nuggets of joy. See y'all soon!


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