Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HardDoor, Now Serving:: Cream of Twitter!!

I was originally going to wait to debut this exactly a month from now for HardDoor's fourth anniversary, but I decided to shift things up and announce the start of HD's new Twitter feed!

Originally, I was never that keen on joining the Twitter-sphere/scape/dome/whatever, and often poked lite fun at it from time to time for some of those banal, minute tweets about meals and lunches. However, I began to see the good in the service and decided that it would make a good match with the blog. I'll primarily be using it in conjunction with HD as a micro-blog of sorts, where I'll tweet about a few things anime, boxing, and a bit of randomness that I come across of--think of it as an extension of HD. I'm not quite sure how my timing will be, but that's all part of the learning curve and the fun! It also gives me the chance to post or comment about quick little things without having to do a bunch of little posts or a big compilation one (though I can't completely rule that out, either ;) ). A little quip on an anime show I watched...some words on a good boxing match that just aired...updates on a feature...interesting news alert...a nice recipe--just a few things that you might expect to see on HardDoor's Twitter page found below (and on the link bar to the right)!

Twitter: HardDoor (harddoorblog)

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