Thursday, March 31, 2011

:anime: First/Final/Only Impression:: **That Which Shall Not Be Named**

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When it comes to reviews here at HardDoor, my aim is not to tell you what you must or must not watch, but to discuss and provide critical analysis on it, leaving the decision ultimately up to you, the reader. I actually encourage you to watch the title anyway, so you can form your own opinion on it, as I personally do not like someone dictating to me something along the lines of the former. You will never find me saying "Avoid this like the plague!" or "Don't watch this title at all costs!", because it's not my thing. I think we are all our own people and I don't need to tell you what to do. A situation would really have to be something for me to do something like that.

Well, I'm making an exception for this one…

There is one particular anime this upcoming season that will be utter, UTTER crap. No, I have not seen an episode, or much promo footage, of it, yet, but I am already declaring this show will be a complete and resolute piece of garbage. In fact, I know that it will be so horrible, that I refuse to post its name or display any pictures of it here, lest I singe this blog and burn your eyes with such meek, amateurish drawings (thankfully, there aren't a whole lot of pictures to go by at this junction, and of course, none from the unaired anime itself). "But, how will we know which anime you are talking about if you're not telling us its name," you may be asking. Like a five-alarm fire at a fertilizer farm, you'll know where the stink is coming from…

Yes, the character designs on the site are just for show and to give you a glimpse at what to expect in the show, but they flat-out suck. I don't care that they might look better in motion, I am already in the firm belief that they will fall on the ugly side of things. I don't know if I should be surprised to see the studio that is attached to it or not. Sure, they have put out some pretty good shows recently, but I have not forgotten about some of their earlier work, either (though this will certainly take the cake). While the director has helmed a number of good anime, I am surprised to see him/her doing this project (alright, let's be honest: given the number of female directors out there, it's actually a male…). It seems so beneath them to be doing a show like this--perhaps it's little wonder that it will suck their skills down towards its black hole center (perhaps formed by the clustering of its shoddy story composition's inherent massive plot holes), along with their career. The screenwriter has had their share of fair and poor anime, so no surprise there. And no, having one of my favorite composers scoring it or having a solid cast behind is enough to change my mind or opinion on the show. It has already been made; there is no way such refuse can possibly be better than its preview material suggests. To put it bluntly, "bad show is bad," and out of compassion, I have recused myself from listing the staff's and cast's names here to save them from their shame (though it's probably too late for that).

Expecting a picture, still? Nothin' to see here, keep on movin'

And there's the issue of the…you know what? Forget it. I have already given this crud more attention than what it's worth. I have done what I could to hopefully steer you clear of this clear-and-present danger. Who in their right mind thought this could have worked needs to have their head examined. As I said before, I still hope that people still view titles that I review or comment on--good or bad. But, not this one. Just ignore it. Avoid it like the plague. Don't watch it all costs.

Seriously. Don't.

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