Tuesday, April 26, 2011

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: rain town

Creator: Hiroyasu Ishida (aka "Tete")
Artist Sites: Main Site, pixiv Profile, YouTube Channel
Additional Links: "rain town" PV, Main Site post (**spoilers**), "rain town" Gallery (**spoilers**)
Video [Free]: YouTube

 "In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped. Residents moved out to suburbs and higher ground around "rain town". Peoples memories are now deeply submerged. But into this forgotten rainy town sometimes, someone wanders."

Last January, I recommended two independent shorts singularly animated (for the most part) by two individuals. One of them was Hiroyasu Ishida (also known as "Tete"), a student at Kyoto Seika Universitiy's Faculty of Manga (which also teaches animation), and besides highlighting his award-winning "Fumiko's Confession", I also made mention of his one-minute "rain town" PV, which left a big impression on me, despite its brevity and relative simplicity.

As it turns out, it was actually a preview for Ishida's eventual graduation project of the same name. The near 10-minute long "rain town" may only bear a passing resemblance to the PV outside of its setting and the two characters shown in the picture above (though it is referenced affectionately in the fuller work), but it is still a very fine work and achievement, especially when you consider Ishida did much of it himself (with help from another student and a score done by someone other than himself, unlike in the PV). I won't go into detail about what occurs in the short, but suffice to say, he should not have too much difficulty passing… ;)

Like his other animations, "rain town" can be found on YouTube at Ishida's channel. I have become a big fan of his not only because of his work or drawing talent and style, but because of his openness with his creation process. As with "Fumiko's Confession", nearly every scene from "rain town" is collected at his site, as well as pictures depicting its beautiful setting, schematics, storyboards, and character designs, including a few pre-production sketches. His site also hosts a slew of other images by him, including a photography section, and his YT channel features some of his other animation work, as well.

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