Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, That Took Long Enough…

Pardon for the long time away, but I wasn't exactly anticipating the family computer going kaputz at the beginning of the month. I have no idea what could have caused it to go down, but whatever happened, it really did a number on it (though based on the error message and timing, I suspect an automatic Windows Update that didn't save its changes to some the system files too well). I'm moderately good with computers, but I never encountered something this serious, so finding information on it round-the-clock was both time-consuming and taxing.

Unfortunately, all roads led to having perform a Destructive Recovery on the computer, which was made more problematic since there was no device backing files up on it (and the non system-wiping option of a "Normal Recovery" failed to start up, either via partition or Recovery CD--which might have just kicked the operation to the partition). However, I came across information on Ubuntu Live CD, and (mega-)thanks to it, it was simple to dive into the computer and retrieve everyone's files with the external HDD I use to back-up my own personal computer (and thus, no $200-500+ service elsewhere, thank goodness).

Of course, all of this came at the expense of much of my free time, so I have not been able to really write much of anything here at HardDoor, or on Twitter or Facebook, either (though I tried to do a little bit of micro-blogging here-and-there when I could). Despite this, I still managed to spend some of my wind-down time keeping up with Fate/Zero and taking screenshots, as well as checking out few other shows, before falling asleep in my chair from exhaustion. Things are beginning to wind down as a whole as I am almost done with the tons of updates and reinstalling I had to do post-Recovery, so hopefully I can get back to speed on HD (and that something like this doesn't happen again -_- ).

Thanks for your patience,


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