Saturday, September 15, 2012

:boxing: Quick Pick:: Martinez vs. Chavez

Let's see…Sergio Martinez & Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. don't like each other and want to punish and KO the other. Martinez has the speed & KO ability and Chavez the size & power. Chavez can feasibly win it, given his tenacity and, well, his propensity for coming in two weight-classes above the contested weight. That means he can absorb more punches and dish out the harder shots, but Martinez has his signature speed and agility, which has enabled him to rack 'em up and befuddle opponents. Martinez also really hates Chavez and has been begging for this match for ages, but such spirit and determination does not always migrate into the actual bout.

However, I'll give him the benefit of a doubt and say that a determined, and more experienced, Martinez uses his speed and unorthodox style to pick off a very game Chavez in a tough, tight bout, ending him by Rd. 8. As much as I like Martinez and dislike the overvalued son of the legend Mexican fighter, I don't believe it will be so easy to psych him out as he has done other opponents, as the latter has shown some recent improvements. He'll need to pull off another Paul Williams/Kelly Pavlik-type of generalship if wants to make his mark on the sport once again. On the flip side, if Chavez is unfazed by him or gets the best of Martinez, a 9th round stoppage or UD is very possible.


Outcome: Martinez, UD. No stoppage by Martinez, but he very nearly got stopped apparently in the final moments of the final round after schooling Chavez the whole fight. Can't count out someone with that much weight on him, plus the weight of that family name, when the chips are down, but Martinez was in a bad spot  in the beginning of the first Paul Williams fight getting knocked down before coming out of it fighting. He made it back here and managed to hold on to his claim of victory and saving what observers were calling a "masterpiece". But if you make sport of someone the prior 95% of the fight, do you fight the guy again? I guess the money will do the talking for Martinez on that question…

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