Saturday, May 02, 2015

:boxing: Quick Pick:: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao…

While I did have numerous things pop up this week, I am going to be honest with you: I don't care about this fight. Yes, it was finally made. Yes, it is actually being fought tonight. Yes, it technically is the "Fight of the Century", in terms of being the biggest fight since 2000 by way of marquee (only). Yes, there is inherent intrigue and a number of ways it could play out.

But no, it will not "save boxing". No, it is not the best-made fight in years or "this century" (the recent Matthysee-Provodnikov and upcoming Canelo-Kirkland bouts were/are far more mouth-watering). No, I'm not surprised that the very people that said they would never watch the fight (excuse me, "The Fight") because it took too long to be put together and both fighters are "past their primes" are the same that have been drooling, waxing poetic, and talking ad nauseum about it.

Really, I don't care about it. Or the predictably-overblown hype. Or the words of writers and commentators talking about all things "boxing" when it is crystal clear they most certainly do not keep up with it and/or are living in its past or in a bubble. I felt no real desire to address the match, and even as I am writing this, I have realized that I have not even mentioned the two combatants names, yet. Oh well.

But if I must, let's make this equally brusque, then: it is more likely to go to a reasonably-tight unanimous decision or even a split one, but I have Pacquiao by TKO6, via stoppage. That might be a tad unrealistic (remember, I don't…), but based on their current career trajectories in terms of how they approached and fought in their past three bouts, what each brings to the table, and especially, if Pacquiao does what he is capable of and doesn't let Mayweather off of the hook like many (*cough*Maidana*coughcough*) have, then I see no reason why Pacquiao wouldn't have his way with Mayweather and embarrass him bad. However, if the little-changing Mayweather changes things up and is more aggressive and assertive with him, it should be a much difficult bout for the Filipino (but by no means an unwinnable prospect). Not to mention, I would never count out Mayweather-favoring Las Vegas or Kenny Bayless, either…

Because I have seen so many make the wrong missteps in fighting Mayweather when they have a good set of goods combat him with, I am wary about going all in even on someone of Pacquiao's caliber. I am definitely not one of those who think that Mayweather will crush Pacquiao, but I have always said that Mayweather was capable of KOing someone, though he usually has to be coaxed into going for it/pissed off. The true question—perhaps beyond talk of Pacquiao's perennial leg cramps or the 5 in. reach advantage he has (well, so did Morales, Algieri, and Margarito…)—, is which Mayweather will appear. The usual Mayweather, particularly the most recent one, would get picked to pieces, but a change in tactics might do very well for him.

In reality, the fight could go either way, with any outcome outside of a double-KO or DQ, and it should not be too bad a fight, but it will be more on Pacquiao to get the job done and best him, as he has more going for him against Mayweather than the other way around.

But hey…whatever. In the end—at least for me—it feels more like just another fight than anything with embolden caps. Enjoy it, please do, just don't get lost in the hyperbole. It should make for a more pleasing viewing…

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