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:anime: The After-Review:: Pan de Peace!

Like a charm…

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The After-Review: Pan de Peace!

Welcome all to the second-ever "after-review" at HardDoor! If you are wondering what an "after-review" is, it is basically the equivalent of an "after-party" for a review, where things are less formal, I shoot-the-breeze a bit, and delve into matters that either didn't make the review or were too spoiler-ish. There is no true format or decorum, and we just might drift off-topic, but it's all good!

We've got ourselves a bread party going on here (the best kind of party), so grab a plate, and some of that fancy-tasting cheese, and let's have some nice, peaceful (mostly) wholesome fun!!

>>—But, no spoilers this time. Because…there's nothing to really spoil?

>>"Pan de Peace"? Probably the best title for the show. It is, indeed, "it" in a nutshell (or a…)

>>Nooooooo!!! Don't spoil my precious, wholesome show with your far-too-clever pun!!

>>(Well, there's also emily's other work…but still!)

>>Why "breadphile"? Because placing an "o" in the middle would've made it sound really wrong…

>>No semi-/official word for "bread connoisseur" exists? Get with the times, people!

>>I really was positively baffled by the show after the episode. I had no idea what to say or think. All I could do was laugh hysterically and look around like an unwitting contestant on a hidden camera show.

>>Post-First Ep. Reaction: "…", "???" "Haha…ha?"

>>Post-Third Ep. Reaction: "Want to…make fun of…But everything…too nice…"

>>Post-Fifth Ep. Reaction: "The smile… The episode's been over…and…I can't peel it off…"

>>Post-Seventh Ep. Reaction: "BREAD BUDDIES 4 LIFE!!!!11 :3"

>>Seriously, I don't think I will look at bread the same after watching Pan de Peace!, much less without thinking about the show. Not…not that I mind, per se…

>>PdP! is The SoulTaker of short anime…wait, that doesn't sound right…

>>Favorite bread(s)? Grainy and/or nutty bread, Italian, French, (the fabled) ciabatta, any kind cheese-based bread…

>>To be a little honest, I was kinda disappointed that they spent more time geeking out over bread pastries than straight-up bread. Having seen enough Japanese reports and cultural specials, I don't find the gravitation too surprising…

>>(I still luvvvvv you though… :3 )

>>While it would have been funny for them to focus just on bread alone, it was better in hindsight to also focus on bread byproducts, such as sandwiches and said pastries. Makes sense.

>>Favorite bread pastry? Maybe cream puffs? Ah, but eclairs…

>>Who knew oil could ever go well with bread? It seems anti-intuitive…

>>Somehow, a show with a bread-shaped sleeping bag, bread keychains, and enough sugary sunshine to fill a black hole doesn't ever feel too sweet or overbearing. Strange…

>>…Now, umm, where can I get those keychains and that bag?

>>Favorite sandwich? Whichever one tastes the best…

>>I was waiting for it either to become one-note, a yuri-fest, or dip into fanservice, but it somehow never did. That might be odder than the whole "bread club" thing.

>>I've read some comments that say that there are yuri metaphors with the bread-loving. I never found a whole lot of other corroborating comments on it, so I left that out of the review. I can't vouch for the manga, which I never read, but personally, PdP! felt too thematically tame and innocent to even really be shoujo-ai, either, which it is labeled as. I guess you were just too soft to pull it off right, huh, Pan de Peace!

>>Heck, even the pool episode was hilariously safe and devoid of any skin, curves, or ogling. I really thought that wasn't going to be avoidable, but there wasn't a drop of anything. At all. You truly are too good for this world.

>>Will there be a second season? Maybe, but I doubt it. I'm not sure it caught on (for obvious reasons), but then again, Crane Game Girls got a second season. Somehow. Yes.



[P.S.: Post Date: July 31, Actual Post Date: August 31.]

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