Tuesday, January 30, 2007

:anime: Honneamise Finally Releasing Honneamise! Plus Top Movie & Top 2!

This morning at the Anime LA convention, Bandai Visual USA confirmed not only its Wings of Rean license (already announced last year), but they have also made known news of its releases of its label's namesake, The Wings of the Honneamise, as well as Diebuster (to be titled "Gunbuster 2" here) and the Top wo Nerae! compliation movie. Though having not too much to do with the previous speculation (outside of some foreshadowing), it was perhaps the most likely of announcements in Honneamise, which would have been nonsensical if the movie was not released stateside by the same group that borrows its own name. It would have been nice if Diebuster was released as is, title-wise, as it is technically not "Gunbuster 2" ("Aim for the Top! 2", yes, this, not so much, especially considering that the subtitle only refers to the title mecha, not the series as a whole), but I am very happy either way for it coming to the U.S. I am also pleased to see the Top movie compliation make its way here, though I hope that it, and Diebuster, at least get an English dubs (could that also mean a dubbed Gunbuster, as long as that section of the film it does not rely on the OVA's masters?). Hopefully, BVU will be kind enough to create a Top wo Nerae! box set like the one in Japan.

Great news all around, and its good to see a number of those titles brought up here a while back get debuts so quickly across the Pacific. So...how about those Macross properties and some Gundam lovin'? ;)

UPDATE [01/31/07]: AoD has posted a press release from BVU covering Gunbuster 2 and Wings of Rean, both of whom will be sold over three volumes and coming complete with extensive booklets, as well as the updated Kikoushi-Enma, which I once thought to be an interesting show to watch, as it was a mature remake of a 70s kids show...until I figured out that the title translated to "Demon Prince Enma". Well, it is a Go Nagai property... :P
[Official Press Release]

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