Friday, January 26, 2007

:anime: Mushishi Makes the Travel to the U.S.!

FUNimation capped off its week of acquisitions with that of the masterpiece anime, Mushishi. This is perhaps the best bit of news to come out of this event (certainly beats Aquarion *shivers*), and it is great that such a great series comes over to the U.S. I hope that they will retain the look of the box for the series (should they have one) maybe even that little paperweight that came with it (slim chances, yet one could always hope). As long as the roles, especially Ginko's, are well-cast and not over-acted, as they can be prone to do, as well as keeping a diversity in the vocal talent used (the show, partially due to its episodic storyline, does feature a good many characters), Mushishi could become a very good dubbing effort.

P.S.: Nice logo on the announcement page, if not a little too flashy for such a show, and too reminicient of xxxHOLiC's. The one used on the site is a little more appropriate and closer to the original.

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