Saturday, March 10, 2007

:boxing: Klitschko KO's Austin (via SpamPunch)!!

Wladamir Klitschko nary broke a sweat in delivering a second round KO to top contender Ray Austin in Mannheim, Germany. Too bad I knew of the results beforehand by accident. I just turned to the fight as the broadcast began, thinking that it was live, until I went to open up a web browser, where the telltale headline stared me in the face on its homepage.

Just great...

Not too surprising an outcome, but still not terribly happy to have knowledge of a fight that end about two hours earlier. The foretold match was nothing much in terms of major action, with Austin making some serious mistkaes in terms of keeping his guard up and leaving himself wide-up, which made the ending that more obvious. This caught up to him early in the second round, as he was quickly and repeatedly left-hooked into the face as he made a retreat of the ropes to his right. Dr. Steelhammer already had him with the first punch, but as soon as Austin's body stalled in movement, he continued to, well, hammer him with the same hand (hence the "spam"-like moment) about four or five times until he gave out onto the bottom ropes.

In his post-fight comments, he expressed his interests once again in consolidating the heavyweight titles, even sharing the load with big brother Vitali, who is making a return to the ring in a probable fight against titlist Oleg Maskaev (much to #1 contender Samuel Peter's chagrin).

Of interest in the interview, however, is the seemingly growing indifference in Wladamir in having to fight him for those very titles, should chances arise...

I would not count out a fight between him and Peter again by year's end, at least. Vitali will most likely jump over Peter and get his shot at Maskaev's belt, thereby setting a very possible match between himself and the Nigerian Nightmare. After that, The Brothers Klitschko should be well on their way to making their long-time dream a reality.

Just so long as they don't get in each other's way getting there.

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