Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Short Update...

...And just that! :O

::Mayweather prediction was pretty off. Forgot to take into account PBF's fear of getting hurt (read: touched) in the ring, leading to a lost opportunity to totally befuddle and embarrass the aging De la Hoya. Regardless, he still won based on the Golden Boy's own lost opportunity to take control of the last four rounds over a hesitant opponent.

::Taylor-Spinks decision (and especially HBO's cheerleading) was a complete joke. I guess dodging potential KO bombs is now taboo and ring generalship means not one thing nowadays.

::Speculation Corner turns up another red herring, as ADV Films seems to have somehow caught the GONZO fever from fellow Houston company FUNimation and licensed Welcome to the NHK!, Red Garden, and Pumpkin Scissors--all very different shows, all very good in their own rights.

Work's been preventing me from really going all out and proceeding with what I have planned out, though I will get to it eventually... ;D

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