Friday, June 01, 2007

:anime: School Rumble Site Goes Live [Again]! The Dub Lives! So, FUNi's Production is Still Alive?!

Part 1 - School Rumble Site Goes Live [Again]! ::FUNimation's School Rumble site is made live yet again! A clustered, Flash-based design featuring the characters and a trailer (decent, though it simplifies the plot a bit oddly) grace the site in place of the "Coming Soon" promo pic.

Part 2 - The Dub Lives! ::Speaking of the characters, there are "hidden" audio clips of most of those featured being played by their English voice actors, all part of a prize-awarding guessing game for the cast. Said VAs did not sound too great or accurate, but another listen or two gave two impressions. One, being that they didn't seem as horrible as initially thought and that it could very well be one of those "take getting used to" sort of dubs, and two, the given clips sounded more like audition takes than actual rips from the finished product (meaning the end product may feature more polished performances).

Part 3 - So, FUNi's Production is Still Alive?! ::Great to see that FUNimation was apparently not neglecting or sitting on SR and its license. It's not in their nature in the first place, and telling by their current trend of license-->long wait (doing the whole production en masse)-->quick release schedule (and no broken promises--Media Blasters & GaoGaiGar), it seems very likely that the company was handling all 52 episodes and both OVAs at once in order to avoid VA scheduling conflicts, get the show finished and out of the way for other ones, and give the many devoted fans a brisk flow of DVDs. You do chance losing momentum from the initial licensing announcement, but the release schedule and renewed word-of-mouth should help regain ground.

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