Sunday, July 15, 2007

:boxing: Welterweight Marathon-- 2 KOs and a UD!

The Night of the Welterweights proved to be major one, as Kermit Cintron kicked things off with a devastating one and a quarter round performance, crushing Walter Matthysse with a sick combination. Afterwards in Atlantic City, Arturo Gatti appeared to have been put down for good by Alfonso Gomez, who outgamed and outgunned him for much of the fight. Gatti's dulled reflexes and dependence on boxing (rather than his trademark brawling) made it a rather easy affair for Gomez, in spite of running low on gas in the end (his own admission). After the brutal knockout and fight stoppage by the state's sporting official, he announced his retirement.

The main event also appeared to signal the end of Antonio Margarito's aspirations, as Paul Williams hustled his way to win his WBO championship via unaminous decision. The now-former champ seem too sluggish and slow to providing enough counterpunches, while Williams racked up over 1200 thrown punches over the course of the fight. In spite of having the higher connect percentage and a stronger presence in the latter rounds, Margarito did not do enough to warrant the victory. He been more active in the final round, he would have escaped with a draw and the belt.

But where does this lead the division? Williams could possibly see a date with Miguel Cotto, who would have had Margarito had he been the winner. Cintron himself has seemingly made a full turnaround, as he has jumped ahead of the man who derailed his rise a scant few years ago. And while Gomez is a relative non-factor and Matthysse has to build his way up again, Margarito showed enough in the latter rounds that he can still be a threat to the others--though that "fearful" luster has been officially tarnished.


  1. is back up and running, if you are interested.

  2. Cintron seems to have recovered from his big defeat against Margarito. He will become more recognizable as one of the best in boxing if he becomes more active and defeat his opponents in impressive fashion.

  3. [@ marc]

    Yep, I just found out, by accident, about a week or so ago. Thanks for the heads up, though.