Saturday, July 14, 2007

:boxing: Welterweight Marathon--Thrice the Action!

This past month and the current one has been a near constant showcase of major bouts across the boxing landscape. This weekend, right in the middle of it, plays host to three bouts at the welterweight class, each highlighted by its own individual appeal. Arturo Gatti fights Contender alum Alfonso Gomez in a battle that will surely enthrall brawl fans; Antonio Margarito goes up against undefeated Paul Williams in a highly-awaited showdown that could decide Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s next fight options (or not, knowing him...); and former contender (and Margarito victim) Kermit Cintron battles his way back up the latter against Walter Matthysse.

With so many potentially appetizing fights, who'll be crown the best of the bunch?

Gatti-Gomez could be a barnburner, but if Gatti is still shot, look for Gomez to notch a big upset in NJ. Prediction: Gomez, KO-Rd. 9 (Gatti, like Castillo, is too war-worn now to be much of a threat--especially against a hungry, antsy foe)

Margarito-Williams will most likely be the fight of the night. The latter didn't look to hot in his last bout, and if he has nothing for Williams tonight, he can kiss those PBF fight dreams good bye. Prediction: Margarito, Majority Decision (If he is all that he is made out to be, he will drive himself to deliver a first loss for the dangerous Williams)

Cintron-Matthysse is a bit of a toss-up for me as I don't recall having seen the latter fight. Cintron has looked good as of late (though a bit shaky and rough at times), so it remains to be seen how well he does in this bout. Prediction: Due to my lack of information on Matthysse, I don't think I can properly give a good guesstimate on this bout. However, I'll say this much--if Cintron doesn't win, he'll be in a worse spot than a losing Margarito (well, he could always go into MMA, as he was once challenged to after being spurned to defend the sport of boxing)


  1. looks like you won't need to know anything more about matthysse.

  2. Nope, I sure don't. HBO gave some good stats on him, but Cintron's one-two crumbled all of that away.

  3. You called it right on the Gatti-Gomaz bout. Gatti should retire after getting KO'd by Gomez. he has contributed a lot to the fame of boxing and he has been in too many wars. He should now walk away before he becomes permanently injured.