Wednesday, April 02, 2008

:boxing: Free Boxing on the Internet!:: Don King-Style...

I have been covering the field of legally-free/low-cost anime on the Internet for some time, even before HardDoor's inception, so it's somewhat embarrassing that I didn't even post about legendary promoter Don King's new TV network on the web, which kicked off with a free live webcast of Cory Spinks fighting in his hometown of St. Louis against veteran Verno Phillips (the latter won in a close, and some say even "controversial", match), as well as the undercard. I mistakenly thought, a quick glance, that the fight would be on Saturday, like most usually are, but then I found out that day that the match had already occurred, much to my chagrin...

DKTV offers at least one free fight, with the bulk of its currently-available library being accessible for about $4.99 a bout. Almost in typical old-school boxing promotional spirit, the site entices you with the free bout by asking you to sign up (which, too, is free), which then is viewable via a download of its Flash-based player. And in almost typical Don King fashion, there are number of videos featuring the promoter himself doing his numerous charitable and/or self-promotional appearances.

I know that King has always wanted to start a TV network of his own and even has his own production & broadcasting team for international feeds, so I suppose that something like this will do in this current day and age, especially with the way the market has been as of late.

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