Wednesday, April 02, 2008

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::04.02.08:: WrestleBox 24, Mayor Vitali, Pavlik Goes...

:Sun.03.30.08: Mayweather KOs Big Show (with help...)!
Floyd "I Printz Moneyz" Mayweather, Jr. made good on his prediction and knocked out the seven-foot tall wrestler Big Show on the jaw at WWE's annual WrestleMania event. Of course, he did need the help of his entourage when the going got tough...and a few chairshots...and a low blow...and a set of brass knuckles... to get the job, and of course, this was all predetermined, but it appears that what was once feared to be a disaster-in-the-making turned out to be a pretty good match. However, I don't think he'll be able to use those knuckles on De la Hoya in the fall (not that he'll need them, anyway...).

:Mon.03.31.08: Vitali Klitschko Vies for the Mayor of Kiev Seat Again
The elder Klitschko brother is once again trying to run for the mayor of Ukraine's capital. He failed to get it a few years back around the time of his first retirement, but the doctor/boxer is at it once again. He wouldn't be the only fighter in his era to try out in the politician's shoes, as Manny Pacquiao ran, yet didn't gain, a seat in the Philippine Senate.

:Tues.04.01.08: Kelly Pavlik to Retire...
The middleweight king announced that he intended to retire after his mandatory title defense at the end of June. Why do something like this at the top of his career?

"Because it's April 1st!"

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