Monday, June 16, 2008

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::06.16.08:: Powell Upset, Valero Keeps KOing

After last week's near cleanout of defending champions, this week saw a reversal, as all of noted champions successfully defended their belts against the opposition (with the exception of Amy Yuratovic, who lost her "WBC International" belt to veteran Mia St. John...though I'm not exactly sure how much weight that title has outside of "Lightweight"...). Ever since being medically cleared in one of the states (having previously failed a brain test of some sort a few years ago), Valero will certainly become the talk of the town should he get a good or intriguing match-up here...

Deandre Latimore TKO7 Sechew Powell (Junior Middleweight) [ESPN2]
--Latimore scored a surprise TKO victory over the division's top IBF challenger. Powell disputed the referee's decision, despite taking a number of unanswered punches in the seventh and being pressured in the fight.

[C] WBC Bantamweight Champion Hozumi Hasegawa TKO2 Cristian Faccio
--It may have been a TKO in his home territory, but it sounded like a deserved one as Hasegawa seemed to look good in his short defense of his title.

[C] WBA Super Featherweight Champion Edwin Valero KO7 Takehiro Shimada
--Sensation Valero made it 24-for-24, as he notched yet another KO victory in his homebase, apparently plowing through Shimada with relative ease

Jesse Brinkley UD Jason Naugler (Super Middleweight)

Mia St. John MD Amy Yuratovic (Lightweight)

Not Previously Noted
[C] :Sat.06.14.08: WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa TKO8 Takashi Kunishige
[C] :Sat.06.14.08: IFBA Junior Middleweight Champion Holly Holm UD Mary Jo Sanders

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