Thursday, June 26, 2008

HardDoor--The Second Anniversary

Alt. Title: Possibly Fully Metallic HardDoor--The Second Anniversary...

Just a year ago for HardDoor's very first anniversary, I commented on my happiness over the accomplishments made over the year, but I also stated my desire to do more with the blog. Now on the second year, I'm glad to see that that feeling is being fulfilled on some level in the form of "HardDoor’s Directory & Guide of Free, Low Cost, and Legal Anime on the Internet", a premiere feature that I launched on this very date last year. It's been sort of my second "pride & joy", as it's been something that I've always been high on and wanted to make available for a while (and it was pretty good timing, too, considering the sudden rise in digital distribution). Another highlight has been the "Decade's Best" lists, which has been my sort of answer to the various yearly top ten features that often make the rounds (and they have been surprisingly enjoyable to make) (the anime edition first brought in the new year). Speaking of which, today marked the beginning of the long-delayed boxing edition (HD's very first P4P listing!), which was introduced at the beginning of the day. The second year also yielded an unfortunate follow-up to the first "official" article on HardDoor, a three-part series on the aspects of "big busts" & fanservice in anime (ever so true...), a bevy of "Kibbles 'n' Bits", and the first ever pairing of "anime" & "boxing" in a post, not to mention a couple of comments from passer-bys (for which I'm very grateful for :D ). While it is great to see HD progress so much, so much more can (and will...) be done, so look forward to more articles, features, and maybe a few random things along the way ( ;-) ).

To a grand third year and beyond...


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