Tuesday, January 27, 2009

:anime & boxing: Decade's Best…So Far (2008 Edition) :: Introduction

This year's edition comes a little later due to matters previously discussed. Yet still, it's that time of the year once again, when HardDoor puts out its listings of the twenty best anime and the ten best boxers of the decade (...so far)!

As before, the anime list will be listed in countdown order, (Day One: #20-#16, Day Two: #15-#11,...), with five spots being revealed each day until #1 is revealed. The boxing list is presented slightly different, as two spots will be revealed each day in the traditional ranking style from the bottom up (Day One: #9-#10, Day Two: #7-#8,...). In each case, after the final spots are posted, an "insight" providing a background behind the decision makings of the list will be given, followed by an overview that not only shows it in its entirety, but also a few "honorable mentions", as well.

On another note, I guess now would also be a good time to mention that the 2009 Edition of Decade's Best (next year's list) will not be the last to cover this one. Though it technically will be (December 31, 2009 being the final day of the decade), I have decide to grant the list a grace period of one year to allow the spots to "settle in" and see how much they are justified, and also to give any show that may have just ended around that time or any other boxer a chance in order to gauge its/their impact. The latter part might go against what I said before in terms of giving things a chance, but for the time being, it will remain that way and I just have to play it by ear. This "Final Edition" will not take the place of new decade's first list, meaning that 2011 will see two editions: the aforementioned one and the 2010 Edition. To avoid confusion, the "Final Edition" will be posted either before or after the other is, rather than at the same time.

Because of the circumstances and the delays of other HD features, there will be a change in the schedule. First up will be the anime list, followed by the winter anime and boxing previews, and lastly, the boxing list. The anime one has actually been done for the past week or so, but only now have I had the chance to begin posting it. While I like to refrain spoiling or giving hints at what may come, I can say that there may be some surprises in store on both lists, some that might be unexpected depending on how you view it...but that's all I'll say...


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