Thursday, January 01, 2009

:anime: Free Anime Directory Update! ::For 01.01.09::

A whole new year is deserving of a whole new update of some wholly new additions to HD's Free/Low-Cost Anime Directory & Guide, which just so happen to be covered below in this edition of the Update! Big changes have been going on over the past couple of days since the last post as part of the Directory's well-needed revamp, as well as the introduction of a certain service that has gone unmentioned for quite a while (for a few good reasons...and some forgetfulness).

[The Directory]
--Key Bar created. A long-thought-of and well-needed addition, navigation of the ever-growing list is (hopefully) made a just a little easier with the bar at the top, with each section linked to it for quick viewing. Big thanks to the previous addition of bookmark links, which have been of great help.

--"Return to Top" links added to each section header. Another move at making maneuvering around quicker and easier, allowing for faster browsing of the entries. The arrows seem to look smaller in Firefox for some reason, so I have to check that out.

--"Legend" updated with more terminology (finally!). Really overdue, considering the amount of alterations I've made in presenting each entry's technical information.

--"Anime Shows on Parade" introduction expanded. A necessary step, since some of the shows listed there can also be found elsewhere, and others not, so some clarity was needed there.

--Long, long overdue, iTunes finally gets listed in the Directory. While it has slipped from memory to place it there from time to time, the lack of any real comprehensive anime categorization and the difficulty of not only searching out suitable links, but just merely linking to them (i.e. copying the right links and dealing with their nature of only opening up in iTunes and not in the browser), required some time to properly compose a good enough and helpful entry. It's the longest in the Directory for good reason, but hopefully it will be of use to those interested (and hopefully Apple will organize its store front a little better and make it easier to find things).

-:Anime Shows on Parade:-
--Many people have been clamoring for it to come stateside, and like much of FUNimation's other shows, it is available for view on its promo site (and probably on FUNimation Videos' soon).

The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK-
--The sequel to the well-liked Aegis of URUK, it is sure to be a big one with the fans in the next few days. Personally, the first season had its moments and was largely enjoyable, but I wasn't as enthralled with it was others were (BLASSREITER, to me, was the better and more involving of the two). Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to it (especially in light of the last episode).

Amazon Video on Demand
--Formerly named "Amazon UnBox".

--Updated links, which had been altered slightly.

Toei OnDemand
--Expanded and updated entry to cover some of their newer shows.

--Updated entry's listing of contributing companies. Curiously enough, they still host shows that are no longer associated with their displayed distributors (not the only ones like that...).

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