Wednesday, April 01, 2009

:anime: PN Scan's Book Bestseller List - March 22 - 28

I just received an interesting e-mail last night detailing the latest bestselling books from PN Scan, who monitors book and video sales across many genres. Here is the listing for the top sellers of the week of March 22 - March 28.


1. Table Top Yoga by Nina Einstein

2. Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel... by Rebecca Levy

3. Rocket Science: A Day of Building Rockets Between Father & Son by Charles and Lelouch Lamperouge

4. Cat Soup and Other Great Recipes by Jay Rowe Publishings

5. A Real Man's Garden! by Simon Teppelin


1. My Love by Carrozo Ronah

2. 2m from the tracks by Kai Shin

3. A Coward's Story by Shinji Ikari

4. Stardust Fairy: Apocalypse by Sharon McRoss

5. Tomorrow Comes for the Champ by Joe Rochner


1. Krugis: An Everlasting Peace by Ali al-Saachez

2. To Go Like a Man by Shinji Ikari

3. The REAL Wild West by Brandon Vash

4. Travels to Venice by A. K. Senno

5. Endless Essays of the Mind by Anna H. Cone

Graphic Novel

1. No-Ramen, Vol. 55 by Musashi-oh

2. CAN, Vol. 108 by Hayate Yajima

3. Love Love Strike Story, Vol. 3 by Gatts-Ken

4. Hatsukoi Aoi Eiko, Vol. 6 by taro

5. love notes, Vol. 8 by L. Yagami


1. Table Top Yoga

2. Dragonball: Evolution

3. G-Robo vs. H-Robot The Claymation Complete Collection

4. Robotech Galaxy Season 1, Part 1

5. Kanokon Perfect Collection (Nickelodeon Edition)

As one can tell, Nina Einstein's Table Top Yoga instructional has been a major hit in both its book and video forms. Manga has been particular dominant in the graphic novel section, with the very popular No-Ramen and CAN occupying the top spots, and rising star Kai Shin's 2m from the tracks and love notes have been steadily ascending the charts. Shinji Ikari had the distinction of having works listed in both the fiction ("A Coward's Story") and non-fiction ("To Go Like a Man") sections--a rare feat, indeed. Lastly, Robotech Galaxy, formerly known as "Macross Frontier" in Japan, premiered to very strong sales in its first week.

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