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:boxing: HardDoor's Spring Boxing Preview - '09 Edition

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The season of spring often brings about a good number of great fights, and 2009 looks to continue that trend with its own bevy of intriguing bouts. The string of match-ups, stretching into summer, feature some long in the making and others totally out-of-left-field. As always, any scheduled fight can collapse at any given moment or be moved to another date for whatever reason, so do keep that in mind. And as part of my move to make HardDoor's long features more navigable, I included bookmarked links and a bar to help making moving through the preview more easy.

::Big courtesy to and Boxing Records Online for their compilations of fight schedules and results, as well as ESPN::

[C] = Major Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for the primary titles from the major sactioning bodies. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[c] = Minor Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for minor "alphabet soup" and "regional" title belts. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[NIXED] = The scheduled fight was cancelled, or "nixed". This can happen at any time for any given circumstance, such as an injury or a contract disagreement.

TBA = "To Be Announced", or in this case, "Fighter To Be Announced". Sometimes, an opponent for a fighter may not be announced or set until very close to the fight time. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from a sudden change in fighters due to last-minute difficulties, to the lack of an actual opponent having been chosen yet.

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Delvin Rodriguez vs Shamone Alvarez (Welterweight) [ESPN2]

Demetrius Andrade vs Tom Joseph (Light Middleweight)

Deontay Wilder vs Shannon Gray (Heavyweight)

Elijah McCall vs Alvaro Morales (Heavyweight)

Steve Forbes vs Jason Davis (Welterweight)

Victor Ortiz vs Mike Arnaoutis (Light Welterweight) [HBO]

James Kirkland vs Joel Julio (Light Middleweight) [HBO]

Robert Guerrero vs Daud Cino Yordan (Super Featherweight) [HBO]

Mike Alvarado vs Emmanuel Clottey (Light Welterweight)

[C] WBC Bantamweight Champion Hozumi Hasegawa vs Vusi Malinga

[C] WBC Featherweight Champion Oscar Larios vs Takahiro Aoh

[C] IBF Super Middleweight Champion Lucian Bute vs Fulgencio Zuniga

[C] IBF Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham vs Lajuan Simon

[C] (Vacant WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight Championship) WBA International Lightweight Champion Amir Khan vs Marco Antonio Barrera

[C] (Interim WBA Bantamweight Championship) Cristian Mijares vs Nehomar Cermano

[c] (Vacant WBO Oriental Bantamweight Championship) Z Gorres vs Roberto Carlos Leyva

Oleg Maskaev vs Rich Boruff (Heavyweight)

Edison Miranda vs Joey Vegas (Super Middleweight)

[C] WIBF, WBA Female Flyweight Champion Susi Kentikian vs Elena Reid

Demetrius Andrade vs Arnuflo Javier Romero (Light Middleweight) [EPSN2]

[C] WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko vs Juan Carlos Gomez [ESPN Classic]

[C] WBA Super Bantamweight Champion Ricardo Cordoba vs Bernard Dunne

Roman Karmazin vs Antwun Echols (Middleweight)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Omar Sheika (Light Heavyweight) [PPV]

Chris Byrd vs Matthias Sandow (Cruiserweight)

Miguel Espino vs Alejandro Garcia (Middleweight)

Ricardo Williams Jr. vs Harrison Cuello (Welterweight)

[c] (Vacant WBC FECOMBOX Middleweight Championship) Luis Ramon Campas vs Marco Reyes

Tony Thompson vs Adnan Serin (Heavyweight)

Samuel Peter vs Eddie Chambers (Heavyweight) [ESPN2]

Shawn Estrada vs Ray Craig (Super Middleweight)

[C] WBC Super Featherweight Champion Humberto Soto vs Antonio Davis

[C] (Vacant WBO Bantamweight Championship) Fernando Montiel vs Diego Oscar Silva

[c] (WBC Continental Americas, Latino Super Welterweight Championships) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Luciano Cuello [PPV]

Andre Direll vs Derrick Findley (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]

Chazz Witherspoon vs Travis Fulton (Heavyweight)

[c] (Vacant IBA Intercontinental Light Middleweight Championship) Ronald Hearns vs Harry Joe Yorgey [Showtime]

Anthony Direll vs Dominique Azeez (Super Middleweight)

[c] (Minnesota State Middleweight Championship) Anthony Bonsante vs Andy Kolle


Randall Bailey vs Francisco Figueroa (Light Welterweight) [ESPN2]

[C] WBO Light Welterweight Champion Kendall Holt vs WBC Light Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley [Showtime]

[C] (Vacant WBC Lightweight Championship) Edwin Valero vs Antonio Pitalua

Alexander Povetkin vs Jason Estrada (Heavyweight)

Michael Katsidis vs Jesus Chavez (Lightweight)

Librado Andrade vs Vitali Tsypko (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]

[C] WBC Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa vs Pornsawan Porpranook

Rolando Reyes vs Julio Diaz (Lightweight)

Vicente Escobedo vs Carlos Hernandez (Lightweight)

[C] WBC International Female Lightweight Champion Mia St. John vs Brooke Dierdorff

Javier Castellejo vs Pablo Navascues (Middleweight)

Guty Espadas Jr. vs Juan Carlos Martinez (Featherweight)

Jeff Lacy vs Otis Griffin (Super Middleweight)

DeMarcus Corley vs Hector Sanchez (Light Welterweight) [ESPN2]

Ossie Duran vs David Lopez (Light Middleweight) [ESPN2]

Rock Allen vs Adan Hernandez (Light Welterweight)

Paul Williams vs Ronald Wright (Middleweight) [HBO]

[c] WBC Continental Americas, NABF Heavyweight Champion Chris Arreola vs Jameel McCline (Heavyweight) [HBO]

[C] WBA Super Flyweight Champion Nobuo Nashiro vs Konosuke Tomiyama

[C] (WBA Interim Featherweight Championship) Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Jose Rojas [Showtime]

[C] IBF Super Featherweight Champion Cassius Baloyi vs Malcolm Klassen

[NIXED] [C] (Vacant IBO Bantamweight Championship) Silence Mabuza vs Yonnhy Perez
--Moved to May 29, sans IBO contention...

Jason Litzau vs Daniel Mitchell (Featherweight)

Matt Vanda vs Tocker Pudwill (Middleweight)

Allen Litzau vs Wilton Hilario (Super Featherweight)

[C] (Vacant IBF Light Middleweight Championship) Cory Spinks vs Deandre Latimore [Showtime]

[C] (Interim WBC Flyweight Championship) Pongsaklek Wonjongkam vs Julio Cesar Miranda

Kassim Ouma vs Gabriel Rosado (Light Middleweight)

John Duddy vs Billy Lyell (Middleweight)

DaVarryl Williamson vs Carl Davis (Heavyweight)

[C] WBC Super Middleweight Champion Carl Froch vs Jermain Taylor [Showtime]

[C] WBA Middleweight Champion Felix Sturm vs Koji Sato

[C] WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez vs Gerry Penalosa [HBO]

[C] WBO Super Middleweight Champion Karoly Balzsay vs Maselino Masoe

[C] (Interim WBO Light Welterweight Championship) Lamont Peterson vs Willy Blain [HBO]

Paulie Malignaggi vs Christopher Fernandez (Light Welterweight)

Allan Green vs Carlos De Leon Jr. (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]

[NIXED] Demetrius Hopkins vs Raul Munoz (Welterweight)

[NIXED] Howard Eastman vs Lennox Allen (Middleweight)

Dominick Guinn vs Johnnie White (Heavyweight)

[C] IBF, WBA Unified Super Bantamweight Champion Celestino Caballero vs Jeffrey Mathebula [Showtime]

[C] (Interim WBA Super Bantamweight Championship) Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym vs Rafael Hernandez


[NIXED] Vernon Forrest vs Jason LeHoullier (Light Middleweight) [Showtime]

[NIXED] Zab Judah vs Jesus Rodriguez (Super Bantamweight)

Anthony Direll vs Alexander Pacheco Quiroz (Super Middleweight)

Alfonso Gomez vs Juan Manuel Buendia (Welterweight)

Urbano Antillon vs Tyrone Harris (Lightweight)

Luis Carlos Abregu vs Irving Garcia (Welterweight) [Showtime]

[C] IBO Light Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao [PPV - HBO]

[C] WBC Super Featherweight Champion Humberto Soto vs Benoit Gaudet

[C] WBA Bantamweight Champion Anselmo Moreno vs Wladamir Sidorenko

Mike Alvarado vs Juaquin Gallardo (Welterweight)

Daniel Jacobs vs Michael Walker (Light Middleweight)

Jimmy Lange vs Frank Houghtaling (Light Middleweight)

Ishe Smith vs Chris Gray (Light Middleweight)

[C] IBF, IBO Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson vs Antonio Tarver

[NIXED] [C] WBA Super Featherweight Champion Jorge Linares vs Josafat Perez

[NIXED] [c] (Vacant WBO Africa Middleweight Championship) Sam Soliman vs Osumanu Adama

[c] WBF Heavyweight Champion Francois Botha vs Timo Hoffmann

Edison Miranda vs Andre Ward (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]

[NIXED] Fres Oquendo vs Odlanier Solis (Heavyweight)

Joe Spina vs Tiwon Taylor (Light Heavyweight)

James McGirt Jr vs Patrick Perez (Middleweight)

[C] IBO Middleweight Champion Daniel Geale vs Anthony Mundine

[C] WBC Welterweight Champion Andre Berto vs Juan Urango [HBO]

Kermit Cintron vs Alfredo Angulo (Light Middleweight) [HBO]

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