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:boxing: HardDoor's Autumn Boxing Preview - '09 Edition

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The slew of issues that plagued this past summer's lineup has turned into the autumn's bounty, as this season is filled with a number of high-profile matches, including the start of the much-anticipated Super Six World Boxing Classic in the super middleweight division (and there's also that Cotto-Pacquiao bout, too). For this preview, I'll be trying out a new format brought on by the concise model used for last season's re-err--preview, which I sort of liked. I'm figuring out a way to still comment on them without using "Boxing Bits", but that's still up in the air. For now, we'll see how this style works. And also...happy viewings!


::Big courtesy to and Boxing Records Online for their compilations of fight schedules and results, as well as ESPN::

[C] = Major Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for the primary titles from the major sanctioning bodies. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[c] = Minor Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for minor "alphabet soup" and "regional" title belts. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[Super Six] = Denotes a fight that is part of the super middleweight division's Super Six World Boxing Classic. Showtime, the tournament's organizer, is the fight's broadcaster.

[NIXED] = The scheduled fight was canceled, or "nixed". This can happen at any time for any given circumstance, such as an injury or a contract disagreement.

TBA = "To Be Announced", or in this case, "Fighter To Be Announced". Sometimes, an opponent for a fighter may not be announced or set until very close to the fight time. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from a sudden change in fighters due to last-minute difficulties, to the lack of an actual opponent having been chosen yet.

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[C] (Vacent WBC Female Light Middleweight Championship) Christy Martin vs Dakota Stone
[Martin, MD(10)]

Jason Estrada vs Zuri Lawrence (Heavyweight)
[Estrada, TKO7]

James McGirt Jr. vs Anthony Pietrantonio (Super Middleweight)
[McGirt, TKO4]

Demetrius Andrade vs John Williams (Light Middleweight)
[Andrade, TKO6]

Timor Ibragimov vs Alfred Cole (Heavyweight)
[Ibragimov, UD(6)]

[C] (Interim WBA World Flyweight Championship) Luis Concepcion vs Omar Salado
[Concepcion, TKO12]

Daniel Ponce de Leon vs Roinet Caballero (Featherweight)
[Leon, UD]

Jhonny Gonzalez vs Jose Francisco Mendoza (Featherweight)
[Gonzalez, KO1]

[C] WBA Super Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler vs Gusmyr Perdomo
[Kessler, TKO4]

Andre Ward vs Shelby Pudwill (Light Heavyweight)
[Ward, TKO3]

James Toney vs Matthew Greer (Heavyweight)
[Toney, TKO2]

[C] WBO Light Flyweight Champion Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol
[Tech. Draw (Rd. 7 - Calderon unable to continue after accidental clash of heads)]

[C] WBO Super Featherweight Champion Roman Martinez vs Feider Viloria
[Martinez, KO9]

[C] WBO Minimumweight Champion Donnie Nietes vs Manuel Vargas
[Nietes, SD]

Jose Luis Castillo vs Carlos Urias (Welterweight)
[Castillo, TKO2]

Z Gorres vs Cruz Carbajal
[Gorres, TKO(RTD)6]

Fernando Montiel vs Alejandro Valdez (Super Bantamweight)
[Tech. Draw (Rd. 3 - Montiel cut badly over left eye)]

[c] WBC Latino Light Middleweight Champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Jason LeHoullier
[Chavez, TKO1]

[C] WBC, WBA Female Welterweight Champion Cecilia Braekhus vs Lucia Morelli
[Braekhus, UD(10)]

[C] WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa vs Omar Soto
[Sosa, TKO6]

[C] WBC Super Featherweight Champion Humberto Soto vs Aristides Perez
[Soto, TKO2]

Samuel Peter vs Ronald Bellamy (Heavyweight)
[Peter, TKO2]

[C] (Vacant IBF Super Flyweight Championship) Jorge Arce vs Simphiwe Nongqayi
[Nongqayi, UD]

Ulises Solis vs Dirceu Cabarca (Super Flyweight)
[Solis, UD(8)]

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Giovanni Andrade (Featherweight) [ESPN2]
[Rigondeaux, TKO3]

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez (Welterweight) [PPV - HBO]
[Mayweather, UD]

[C] WBA Super World Featherweight Champion Chris John vs Rocky Juarez [PPV - HBO]
[John, UD]

[C] (Interim WBO Lightweight Championship) Michael Katsidis vs Vicente Escobedo [PPV - HBO]
[Katsidis, SD]

[C] (Vacant IBF Middleweight Championship) Sebastian Sylvester vs Giovanni Lorenzo
[Sylvester, SD]

Erislandy Lara vs Jose Varela (Middleweight)
[Lara, KO1]

[C] WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko vs Chris Arreola
[Klitschko, TKO(RTD)10]

[C] (WBA World Super Bantamweight Championship) Bernard Dunne vs Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym
[Kratingdaenggym, KO3]

David Diaz vs Jesus Chavez (Lightweight)
[Diaz, MD(10)]

DeMarcus Corley vs Harrison Cuello (Welterweight)
[Corley, UD(8)]

[c] WBC USNBC Light Middleweight Champion Jimmy Lange vs Jonathan Reid
[Lange, TKO(RTD)9]

Jose Miguel Cotto vs Martin Ramirez (Welterweight)
[Cotto, KO3]

Paul Spadafora vs Jermaine White (Welterweight)
[Spadafora, UD(8)]

Devin Vargas vs Terrell Nelson (Heavyweight)
[Vargas, UD(8)]


Allan Green vs Tarvis Simms (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]
[Green, UD(10)]

Audley Harrison vs Coleman Barrett (Heavyweight)
[Harrison, TKO2]

Audley Harrison vs Danny Hughes (Heavyweight)
[Harrison, UD(3)]

Audley Harrison vs Scott Belshaw (Heavyweight)
[Harrison, TKO2]

Danny Williams vs Carl Baker (Heavyweight)
[Baker, UD(3)]

Demetrius Andrade vs Chris Chatman (Light Middleweight)
[Andrade, UD(6)]

[c] WBO Asia Pacific, WBO Oriental Heavyweight Champion Shane Cameron vs David Tua
[Tua, KO2]

Eric Esch vs Harry Funmaker (Heavyweight)
[Funmaker, SD(4)]

[c] (Interim WBF, Vacant IBF Australasian Middleweight Championships) Sam Soliman vs Les Piper
[Soliman, TKO7]

[C] WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez vs Rogers Mtagwa
[Lopez, UD]

[C] WBA World Featherweight Champion Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Whyber Garcia
[Gamboa, TKO4]

Israel Vazquez vs Angel Antonio Priolo (Featherweight)
[Vazquez, TKO9]

[c] WBC International Heavyweight Champion Odlanier Solis vs Monte Barrett
[Solis, TKO2]

[C] (Interim WBO NABO Middleweight Championship) Ossie Duran vs Fernando Guerrero
[Guerrero, MD(10)]

John Duddy vs Michi Munoz (Middleweight)
[Duddy, UD(8)]

[c] (Vacant Interim WBC International Featherweight Championship) Rey Bautista vs Marangin Marbun
[Bautista, TKO7]

Joel Julio vs Clarence Taylor (Middleweight)
[Julio, UD(6)]

[Super Six] [C] WBC Super Middleweight Champion Carl Froch vs Andre Dirrell [Showtime]
[Froch, SD]

[Super Six] Arthur Abraham vs Jermain Taylor (Super Middleweight) [Showtime]
[Abraham, KO12]

Vassiliy Jirov vs Jonathan Williams (Cruiserweight)
[Jirov, TKO2]

[c] (USBA Middleweight Championship) Lajuan Simon vs Elvin Ayala
[Simon, UD]

[c] (NABC Inter-Continental Middleweight Championship) Billy Lyell vs Chris Gray
[Lyell, UD(8)]

[c] (Vacant IBF Pan Pacific Middleweight Championship) Daniel Geale vs Samir Dos Santos Barbosa
[Geale, UD]

Anthony Mundine vs Alejandro Gustavo Falliga (Middleweight)
[Mundine, UD(10)]

Byron Mitchell vs David Telesco (Cruiserweight)
[Mitchell, TKO2]

[C] (Vacant WBO NABO Super Middleweight Championship) Edison Miranda vs Francisco Sierra
[Miranda, KO1]

[c] NABF Super Bantamweight Champion Al Seeger vs Victor Fonseca
[Fonseca, TKO9]

[c] IBA Continental Heavyweight Champion Oliver McCall vs Lance Whitaker
[O. McCall, UD(10)]

[c] Interim WBC USNBC Cruiserweight Champion Arthur Williams vs Victor Barragan
[Barragan, TKO7]

Elijah McCall vs Reginald Jackson (Heavyweight)
[E. McCall, KO2]

[c] (Vacant IBF International Heavyweight Championship) Tomasz Adamek vs Andrew Golata
[Adamek, TKO5]

[C] Interim WBC Super Flyweight Champion Tomas Rojas vs Evans Mbamba
[Rojas, UD]

Kermit Cintron vs Juliano Ramos (Welterweight)
[Cintron, TKO(RTD)5]

[c] WBF Heavyweight Champion Francois Botha vs Pedro Carrion
[Botha, MD]

Jonathan Oquendo vs Juan Jose Beltran (Featherweight)
[Oquendo, TKO2]

[c] WBC CABOFE Light Middleweight Champion Hector Camacho Jr. vs Luis Ramon Campas
[Camacho, SD10]

Antonio Escalante vs Carlos Fulgencio (Super Bantamweight)
[Escalante, TKO2]

[NIXED] [C] IBF Light Middleweight Champion Cory Spinks vs Carlos Molina

[C] IBF Bantamweight Champion Joseph Agbeko vs Yonnhy Perez [Showtime]
[Perez, UD]

[C] (Interim WBC Lightweight Championship) Antonio DeMarco vs Jose Alfaro
[DeMarco, TKO10]

DaVarryl Williamson vs Ray Austin (Heavyweight)
[Austin, TKO4]

Joe Spina vs Lou Del Valle (Light Heavyweight)
[Maj. Draw]


Jason Litzau vs Johnnie Edwards (Super Featherweight) [ESPN2]
[Litzau, UD(10)]

Zab Judah vs Adailton De Jesus (Welterweight) [PPV]
[Judah, TKO2]

Joel Casamayor vs Jason Davis (Light Welterweight) [PPV]
[Casamayor, UD(8)]

[C] (Interim WBC Light Heavyweight Championship) IBO Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson vs Glen Johnson [HBO]
[Dawson, UD]

[C] WBA World Heavyweight Champion Nikolay Valuev vs David Haye
[Haye, MD]

[c] (Vacant IBO Light Middleweight Championship) Alfredo Angulo vs Harry Joe Yorgey
[Angulo, KO3]

John Ruiz vs Ozcan Cetinkaya (Heavyweight)
[Ruiz, TKO7]

[NIXED] Richard Gutierrez vs Mike Jones (Welterweight)

Gabriel Rosado vs Latif Mundy (Light Middleweight)
[Rosado, TKO7]

[c] IBO Welterweight Champion Lovemore N'dou vs Matthew Hatton

[C] WBC Female Lightweight Champion Ann Saccurato vs Jelena Mrdjenovich
[Saccurato, UD(10)]

Z Gorres vs Luis Melendez (Bantamweight)
[Gorres, UD(10)]

[C] WBO Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto vs Manny Pacquiao [PPV - HBO]
[Pacquiao, TKO12]

[C] WBA World Light Middleweight Champion Daniel Santos vs Yuri Foreman [PPV - HBO]
[Foreman, UD]

[c] (Vacant WBC Continental Americas Welterweight Championship) Alfonso Gomez vs Jesus Soto Karass
[Gomez, Tech. Dec.(6) - Went to scorecards after accidental headbutt in Rd. 2caused blood to flow into Gomez's right eye and impeded his vision.]

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Troy Rowland (Light Middleweight)
[Chavez, UD (10)]

[NIXED] Jean Marc Mormeck vs TBA (Heavyweight)
--Fights Vinny Maddalone on Thurs., Dec. 17.

[NIXED] [c] NBA Light Heavyweight Champion Prince Badi Ajamu vs Daniel Judah

[Super Six] [C] WBA World Super Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler vs Andre Ward [Showtime]
[Ward, Tech. Dec.(11)]

[C] WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa vs Rodel Mayol
[Mayol, TKO2]

[NIXED] [C] IBF Featherweight Champion Cristobal Cruz vs Ricardo Castillo
--Moved to Sat., Dec. 19.

[C] WBA World Light Flyweight Champion Giovanni Segura vs Sonny Boy Jaro
[Segura, KO1]

[c] (Vacant WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight Championship) Jorge Barrios vs Michael Lozada [HBO]
[Barrios, TKO5]

[C] WBC Cruiserweight Champion Giacobbe Fragomeni vs Zsolt Erdei
[Erdei, MD]

[C] Interim WBC Super Featherweight Champion Humberto Gutierrez vs Vitali Tajbert
[Tajbert, UD]

[C] Interim WBA World Flyweight Champion Luis Concepcion vs Roberto Carlos Leyva
[Concepcion, KO4]
--Moved from Thurs., Nov. 19.

[C] (WBC Minimumweight Championship) Oleydong Sithsamerchai vs Juan Palacios
[Sithsamerchai, MD]
--Moved from Sat., Nov. 21.

[C] IBF Super Middleweight Champion Lucian Bute vs Liberado Andrade [HBO]
[Bute, KO4]

[C] (Vacant IBF Lightweight Championship) Joan Guzman vs Ali Funeka [HBO]
[Maj. Draw]

[NIXED] [c] WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Champion Alexander Dimitrenko vs Luan Krasniqi

[NIXED] [c] (Vacant WBO Inter-Continental Light Welterweight Championship) Breidis Prescott vs Ruslan Provodnikov
--Now fighting Kevin Mitchell on Sat., Dec. 5.

DeMarcus Corley vs Fariz Kazimov (Light Welterweight)
[Kazimov, SD]

[C] WBC Flyweight Champion Daisuke Naito vs Koki Kameda
[Kameda, UD]

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