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:boxing: HardDoor's Summer Boxing Preview - '09 Edition

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A funny thing happened on the way to the making of HardDoor's Summer Boxing Preview...

Many big fights were scheduled to go down this season, featuring the likes of Wladimir Klitschko vs David Hayes and, the biggest, Juan Manuel Marquez vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. However, many of those bouts went down--in flames.

Injuries KO'd the bulk of them, pushing their dates back to the fall--in some cases, featuring different opponents than originally made. In all too similar fashion, the post time for this feature was also KO'd to a much later date.

Due to computer access restraints (there's that again...), I wasn't able to post this in the time that I wanted to, essentially making this more "review" than "preview". It's something that I'm none to pleased about since this is its one year anniversary and it was this that helped lead to the anime edition (whose newest edition actually came before this one). Nonetheless, I'm at least glad to make this available despite the circumstances.

The format for this edition, as such, is more streamlined compared to previous ones, with the winners from June 19 on being listed below each bout in brackets, accompanied by the particulars of the results (think of it as a mix between your usual seasonal preview and a "Boxing Bits"-type of review entry). The matches prior to that listed in the traditional format (since there was a "B.B." post for them already--the sole one), but I also included the same sort of terse info for them, for the sake of balance. I'd rather not do it like this, but it's the most simple and easiest way to display the outcomes of the bouts given the circumstances. The bulk of the results come from BoxRec, along with my own eyewitness verification (a.k.a: I saw some of the fights ;) ). So, please enjoy what you can out of this humble little rev...err...preview.


::Big courtesy to and Boxing Records Online for their compilations of fight schedules and results, as well as ESPN::

[C] = Major Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for the primary titles from the major sanctioning bodies. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[c] = Minor Championship Match. Denotes matches contending for minor "alphabet soup" and "regional" title belts. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[NIXED] = The scheduled fight was canceled, or "nixed". This can happen at any time for any given circumstance, such as an injury or a contract disagreement.

TBA = "To Be Announced", or in this case, "Fighter To Be Announced". Sometimes, an opponent for a fighter may not be announced or set until very close to the fight time. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from a sudden change in fighters due to last-minute difficulties, to the lack of an actual opponent having been chosen yet.

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[C] WIBA Welterweight Champion Holly Holm vs Duda Yankovich
[Holm, TKO4]

Antwun Echols vs Phil Williams (Super Middleweight)
[Williams, TKO7]

Keith Holmes vs Willis Lockett (Super Middleweight)
[Holmes, UD(8)]

George Foreman III vs Clyde Weaver (Heavyweight)
[Foreman, KO1]

Robert Guerrero vs Efren Hinojosa (Super Featherweight) [ESPN2]
[Guerrero, TKO8(RTD)]

Odlanier Solis vs Dominique Alexander (Heavyweight)
[Solis, TKO1]

[C] WBO Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto vs Joshua Clottey [HBO]
[Cotto, SD]

[C] WBO Light Flyweight Champion Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol
[Technical Draw]

[c] IBF Latino Featherweight Champion Fernando Beltran Jr. vs Monty Meza Clay [ESPN2]
[Beltran, UD]

Demetrius Andrade vs Delray Raines (Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Andrade, UD(4)]

[C] IBF, WBO, IBO Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev [ESPN Classic]
[Klitschko, TKO(RTD)9]

[C] WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa vs Carlos Melo
[Sosa, TKO5]

Luis Collazo vs David Gogichaishvili (Light Middleweight)
[Collazo, TKO6]

Mike Arnaotis vs Doel Carrasquillo (Light Middleweight)
[Arnaotis, UD(10)]

Daniel Jacobs vs George Walton (Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Jacobs, TKO8]

Deontay Wilder vs Khadaphi Proctor (Heavyweight) [ESPN2]
[Wilder, KO1]

[c] WBC Latino Heavyweight Fres Oquendo vs Mark Brown
[F. Oquendo, TKO3]

Jonathan Oquendo vs Felix Flores (Super Bantamweight)
[J. Oquendo, TKO5]

[C] IBF Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham vs Mahir Oral [Showtime]
[Abraham, TKO10]

[C] WBC Super Featherweight Champion Jorge Linares vs Josafat Perez
[Linares, TKO8]

[C] WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez vs Olivier Lontchi [HBO PPV]
[Lopez, TKO(RTD)9]

Jorge Arce vs Fernando Lumacad (Super Flyweight) [HBO PPV]
[Arce, KO3]

[c] IBF International Middleweight Champion Sebastian Sylvester vs Lajuan Simon
[Sylvester, UD]

Cornelius Bundrage vs Yuri Foreman (Light Middleweight) [HBO PPV]
[No Contest(3)]


Eddie Chambers vs Alexander Dimitrenko (Heavyweight)
[Chambers, MD12]

[C] WBA Female, WIBF Flyweight Champion Susi Kentikian vs Carolina Marcela Guitierrez Gaite
[Kentikian, UD(10)]

[c] NABF Cruiserweight Champion Matt Godfrey vs Shawn Hawk [ESPN2]
[Godfrey, UD10]

Chris Henry vs Shaun George (Cruiserweight) [ESPN2]
[Henry, TKO6]

Jesse Brinkley vs Mike Paschall (Light Heavyweight)
[Brinkley, UD10]

[C] IBF Bantamweight Champion Joseph Agbeko vs Vic Darchinyan [Showtime]
[Agbeko, UD]

[C] IBF Featherweight Champion Cristobal Cruz vs Jorge Solis
[Cruz, UD]

[C] WBA Middleweight Champion Felix Sturm vs Khoren Gevor
[Sturm, UD]

[C] IBF Cruiserweight Champion Tomasz Adamek vs Bobby Gunn
[Adamek, TKO(RTD)4]

Steve Cunningham vs Wayne Braithwaite (Cruiserweight)
[Cunningham, UD]

Lovemore N'dou vs Phillip N'dou (Welterweight)
[L. N'dou, UD]

Breidis Prescott vs Miguel Vasquez (Light Welterweight) [ESPN2]
[Vasquez, SD(10)]

Erislandy Lara vs Darnell Boone (Light Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Lara, UD(6)]

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Robert Guillen (Super Bantamweight) [ESPN2]
[Rigondeaux, TKO1]

Yudel Johnson vs Justin Paulo (Light Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Johnson, UD4]

Yordanis Despaigne vs Johny Moreno (Cruiserweight)
[Despaigne, TKO3]

[c] (Interim NABA Heavyweight Championship} Fres Oquendo vs Bruce Seldon
[F. Oquendo, KO9]

Antonio Escalante vs Cornelius Lock (Featherweight) [ESPN2]
[Escalante, UD(10)]

[C] (Interim WBA Lightweight Championship) Urbano Antillon vs Miguel Acosta
[Antillon, KO9]

[C] WBA Light Flyweight Champion Giovanni Segura vs Juanito Rubillar
[Segura, TKO6]

Jose Luis Castillo vs Roberto Valenzuela (Super Flyweight)
[Castillo, KO6]

Sam Peter vs Marcus McGee (Heavyweight)
[Peter, KO3]


[C] WBO Light Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley vs Nate Campbell [Showtime]
[No Contest(3)]

[C] (Vacant WBC Light Welterweight Championship) Junior Witter vs Devon Alexander [Showtime]
[Alexander, TKO(RTD)8]

[C] (Vacant IBF Welterweight Championship) Delvin Rodriguez vs Issac Hlatshwayo
[Hlatshwayo, SD]

Tarvis Simms vs Marcus Upshaw (Super Middleweight)
[Simms, SD(8)]

Demetrius Andrade vs Chad Greenleaf (Light Middleweight)
[Andrade, KO2]

Christy Martin vs Cimberly Harris (Middleweight)
[Martin, SD(6)]

Alfredo Angulo vs Gabriel Rosado (Light Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Angulo, TKO2]

Anthony Dirrell vs Alfredo Contreras (Super Middleweight) [ESPN2]
[Dirrell, TKO7]

[c] NABA Welterweight Champion Mike Jones vs Lenin Arroyo
[Jones, UD(10)]

Jerson Ravelo vs Willis Lockett (Super Middleweight)
[Ravelo, UD(8)]

Ronald Hearns vs Patrick Thompson (Light Middleweight)
[Hearns, UD(8)]

Vivian Harris vs Noe Bolanos (Light Welterweight)
[No Contest(2)]

Matt Vanda vs Ted Muller (Light Heavyweight)
[Vanda, UD(8)]

[C] (Interim WBA Super Flyweight Championship) Nonito Donaire vs Rafael Concepcion [ESPN2]
[Donaire, UD]

[C] WBO Featherweight Champion Steven Luevano vs Bernabe Concepcion [ESPN2]
[Luevano, DQ(7)]

[C] WBO NABO Light Heavyweight Champion Roy Jones vs Jeff Lacy [HBO PPV]
[Jones, TKO(RTD)10]

[c] (Vacent IBO Cruiserweight Championship) Danny Green vs Julio Cesar Dominguez
[Green, TKO5]

[C] WBO NABO Cruiserweight Champion BJ Flores vs Epifano Kimbrough
[Flores, TKO4]

Anthony Peterson vs Luis Antonio Arceo (Lightweight)
[Peterson, UD(10)]

[c] (Vacent NABF Lightweight Championship) Jason Litzau vs Verquan Kimbrough
[Litzau, TKO(RTD)3]

Fulgencio Zuniga vs Jose Chiquillo (Super Middleweight)
[Zuniga, TKO2]

[c] (Vacent IBO Asia Pacific Middleweight Championship) Sam Soliman vs Sintung Kietbusaba
[Soliman, TKO7]

[c] (Vacent WBC USNBC Heavyweight Championship) Lance Whitaker vs Mathew Ellis
[Whitaker, TKO1]

David Estrada vs Chris Grey (Light Middleweight)
[Estrada, TKO6]

Antwun Echols vs Angel Hernandez (Middleweight)
[Hernandez, TKO(RTD)6]

Owen Beck vs Jermell Barnes (Heavyweight)
[Beck, UD(8)]

Oliver McCall vs Franklin Lawrence (Heavyweight)
[McCall, UD(10)]

[C] (Vacent WBO NABO Light Welterweight Championship) Juan Diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi [HBO]
[Diaz, UD]

[C] IBF Super Featherweight Champion Malcolm Klassen vs Robert Guerrero [HBO]
[Guerrero, UD]

[C] (WBO NABO Light Middleweight Championship) Daniel Jacobs vs Ishe Smith [HBO]
[Jacobs, UD(10)]

Deandre Latimore vs Sammy Sparkman (Light Middleweight)
[Latimore, UD(10)]

[C] (IBF Light Welterweight Championship) Juan Urango vs Randall Bailey [ESPN2]
[Urango, TKO11]

[C] (Vacent IBF Light Heavyweight Championship) Clinton Woods vs Tavoris Cloud [ESPN2]
[Cloud, UD]

[C] WIBA Welterweight Champion Holly Holm vs Terri Blair
[Holm, UD(10)]

[C] IBF Light Flyweight Champion Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe
[Viloria, UD]

Alfonso Gomez vs Raul Munoz (Light Middleweight)
[Gomez, KO1]

Joey Gilbert vs Ivan Stovall (Super Middleweight)
[Gilbert, KO5]

[c] (Vacant WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation Light Middleweight Championship) Hector Camacho Jr. vs Israel Cardona [PPV]
[Camacho, UD(10)]

Jose Miguel Cotto vs Anthony Woods (Light Welterweight)
[Cotto, TKO4]

[c] (NABA Super Middleweight Championship) Kingsley Ikeke vs Mark Woolnough
[Ikeke, SD(10)]

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