Sunday, June 26, 2011

HardDoor--The Fifth Anniversary!!

HardDoor's original look, prior to its Oct. 2010 revamp. Now here in spirit…

HardDoor...Not exactly the most common of blog names......

So what is "HardDoor" and why is this named so? Perhaps at a later date I'll explain the history of the name (if you really want to call it that), but for now, I'll say this much: this blog is pretty "random" when it comes to topics. Anime, Boxing, a little bit of politics, maybe (or not :D ).

Today is a pretty good day to start HardDoor (I mean, it's the 26th of June!). Soon, I'll be populating it with thoughts on the various said topics, all while figuring out the strange little trinkets laid out on this blogging station. So until then...toodles <>:O

5 years ago, on the arbitrarily-chosen date of June 26, 2006, at 7:57 PM, HardDoor's first post was published!  Covering anime and boxing (but not really politics, maybe some other time… ;P ), HD has served as a venue to discuss my two favorite topics, with a sprinkling of randomness (though to my admission, not enough of it, but I guess that's where Twitter comes in… :P ). Amassing 295 Posts (including this one!), nearly 6000 pageviews since last July (when I upgraded the post editor and, in turn, activated stat tracking), 14 comments (excluding my own), and two followers later, HardDoor has come a ways since then--and not just in the looks department (see above). I know other blogs and sites can pull those sort of numbers in a single hour, but I am still highly grateful for each and every one HD receives (and ironically, today marks the first time the blog has reached 900 pageviews within one month, continuing a four-month uptick!).

For the last couple of anniversaries, I had been operating under the assumption that I was celebrating the following year's anniversary, so much so, I was beginning to write something like this up last year until I counted the years again! From topical features and "bits & kibbles" of boxing and anime news, to fight & seasonal anime previews and "Decade's Best" (plus a certain directory), HardDoor has covered quite a few things--even creating a Twitter feed as an extension of the blog--though I have always strived to accomplish more and continue to do. I have really enjoyed posting here at HardDoor over these past five years, and in spite of busyness at times, I still have plenty more things planned for HD for the next five and beyond, so I hope you'll be looking forward to the future as much as I will. :)

**takes a deep bow**

Thank you for reading!!


P.S.: Time finished with post: 7:27 PM, June 26, 2011… XP

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