Thursday, December 13, 2012

:anime: Nice Box, Pt. 3…:: Madoka Magica LE 3 Pics!

It's been awhile since the last post of pics from Aniplex USA's release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but here are the final batch of the final set! Box 3 concludes the company's very strong presentation of the series, featuring much of the same kinds of swag that came with the previous two: double-sided posters, double-sided BD/DVD case cover, a soundtrack, a booklet, postcards featuring the episode endcards, and a proof-of-purchase card (OK, so that last one's not quite "swag"…). The quality is evident all around and once more shows that Aniplex USA knows how to pull out all of the stops for a top title like PMMM. It would have been nice if the disc extras had more worth beyond a textless OP (the memorable second/true ED never received the same treatment even in Japan), but all of the physical material certainly makes up for it (although I do take some points off for not fully translating the credits--a growing problem with recent releases).

On the dub side of things, the cast did an excellent job from all sides. I still give the edge to the Japanese version (a difficult feat to overcome, either way) and the dub script does whiff it in select spots, but director/writer Alex Von David and company still manage to make the English language side a very worthwhile listen. It's hard to single out any one of the lead actresses, but given their importance plot-wise, Christine Marie Cabanos (Madoka) and Cristina Vee (Homura) both made great impressions and helped make the dub stand very well against the original.

Overall, Aniplex USA did an outstanding job giving a series like Puella Magi Madoka Magica its just due through three well-priced limited edition sets (regular edition BD and DVD volumes are available, in case you are interested). The presentation and the extras were great, the disc content looked great, and the company made a good account for themselves in the process.

P.S.: Interested in checking out Madoka for yourselves? Watch it for free at Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Crackle!

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