Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HardDoor--The Seventh Anniversary

Well, it's that time of the year again, where I like to take some time out and commemorate the anniversary of this little blog, HardDoor, which has gone on seven (really?!) years! As you, the reader, could probably tell from the last few months and much of last year, I have been kind of busy with work. However, that doesn't mean I have been bereft of items or things I'd like to write about. Currently, there are about 4-5 new post series I have in the pipeline (two of them pretty "major"…), and there are those outstanding episode reviews that I'd like to polish off, too, among other things. There is also certain *something* I've been updating and the boxing side of the blog could sure use more lovin', too. Of course, it all boils down to time, but I am also sure that everything will work out in the end…

Even so, there were some good nuggets to be had this last year. The most notable was the start of HD's own tumblr site, HardDoor: Screenshot Haven, which has gone better than expected (check out the nice screenie commemorating today's anniversary!). There, I post various screenshots (primarily from--but not totally limited to--anime) and the occasional illustration or work of art that I have come across on the web. I've also started to post personal rankings of simulcasted shows that I've watched on HD's Facebook Page, as well as photos of new/interesting anime disc releases I've purchased, chronicled in "Nice Box…". I've also made "Ani-Journal" a full new feature (though it practically was one from the start…), and we also saw the return of "Boxing Bits" and "Anime Kibble 'n' Bits".

I am very hopeful that there will be plenty more to come in HardDoor's 8th year. Thank you so much to the readers who have visited the blog and its other branch sites over these years, even in its more "quiet" period (ironically, some of the highest-ever views have been these times! ^^;; ). Thank you for your patience as everything comes together and thanks once again for visiting HardDoor!! :)

Goin' on eight & upwards…


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