Saturday, August 05, 2006

:anime: FUNi School Rumblings!!

FUNimation, at 2006 Otakon today, announced its mass acquisition of the School Rumble anime franchise, which includes both seasons and the two OVAs. One of my favorite comedies and shows overall, it doesn't surprise me to much that FUNimation got this. The kind of comedic style employed in the show is something that the company is suited for handling, which was something that was on my mind while I was thinking about who would license/dub it. However, I hope that the changes in the script are minimal, especially since there isn't much in the lines worth altering. Either way, I'm glad that School Rumble (and as a whole, no less) was finally picked up. Considering the size of the fanbase and the accolades it has received, I am surprised that it wasn't snatched up sooner.

With FUNimation's licensing of shows like The Galaxy Railways, Solty Rei, and now this one, it's almost as if they are checking off on my "Imaginary Licensing Wishlist." :D

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