Thursday, August 17, 2006

:anime: Noein: Towards the U.S. Coast...

Manga Entertainment released a press release last week detailing out the first volume for Noein. The most eye-popping statement in it is not the factoid of "6000 cels shot per episode," but the $19.98 price tag on it. That's a truly, obscenely low price for a show of Noein's caliber; a five-episode release like this one (which still has all the bells-and-whistles of most other ones, including 5.1 DD and 2.0 Stereo, English/Japanese + Subtitles {Closed Captioning also included in here!}, and Extras of the likes of textless OPs & EDs and Behind-the-Scenes) would almost certainly go for the usual $29.99. It is very good to see Manga distribute this particular series at such a price level that many can afford and consider to purchase. As one of the best anime of the last year, the already positive comments from those who have already watched it in its entirety and the ones bound to come from people who have yet to view it should help additionally boost this great show to top of the sales chart. Now hopefully Manga will attach a starter box with the next installment (a tactic that, last I checked, another company appeared to be employing recently) or a latter one.

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