Saturday, August 05, 2006

:anime: Shin Angyo Onshi --> Good, Blade of the Phantom Mask --> Uh... No

At 2006 Otakon, ADV Films announced their picking up of the Japanese/Korean anime movie Shin Angyo Onshi, which will be rechristened Blade of the Phantom Mask in the U.S. Though I thought that the movie would never get picked up anytime soon, I'm very happy to have seen it get acquired by ADV, whom I was expecting the most to license it. I can't be too happy, though, with their renaming of it. The title is lame and shifts more of the focus to the warriors that the main character summons (if it were closer to the actual translation, which is more along the lines of being about said character, then it wouldn't be so poor-sounding). They have kept the original names for other shows, and it's not as if this one is terribly difficult to pronounce, so the change here is miffing.

Despite all of this, the movie itself makes for a very good watch. The nice visuals and score (including the themes sung by BoA) blend well with the story. It may play more like the beginning of a series (I can only hope...) and it may be little rough-around-the-edges, but it nonetheless is very entertaining and enticing.

...I just hope that enough of a stink is made about the title to warrant a switch back to the original.

P.S.: I'll still buy the DVD, it's just that...

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