Thursday, December 21, 2006

:anime: Mardock Production Gets Scrambled

GONZO today cancelled its 15 year-anniversary project, Mardock Scramble, and offered an apology to those looking forward to it, though no specific reason was given outside of production complications. The OVA, based on the award-winning light novel by Tow Ubutaka (Le Chevalier d'Eon) and featuring designs by Range Murata (Blue Submarine No. 6, Last Exile), apparently never got past the beginning phase.

It is such a shame to see the show get cancelled. The teaser trailer was provocative enough and it appeared that it was getting on a roll with this past summer's I.G x GONZO junket for Mardock and Ubutaka's other show, Chevalier (I.G) and the website's updating of content. This was perhaps my most anticipated show for a long time, which most likely would have come out in 2008. I sincerely hope that the production will be resurrected or even shifted elsewhere (I.G?), though I seriously doubt the chances of that actually occuring. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to see Murata release a book of sketches from whatever is there of it.

R.I.P., Mardock Scramble...

[Sorce: Anime News Network]

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