Sunday, December 03, 2006

:anime: Solty Site is Live! [and I'm Just Finding This Out...]

FUNimation apparently made their Solty Rei site live, posting a promo video on the front page and displaying a few promo downloads and release dates for the show (it's good to see its design stay in-line with that of the anime). I really had no idea that the site was even up until I came across the 1/27/2007 release date on ANN. Judging from the video clips offered, I am very impressed with the casting and performances of the voice actors. Each managed to keep the tone and spirit of the orginal Japanese cast and bring their respective characters to life. As far as script accuracy is concerned, I would be shocked if FUNimation didn't make changes to it. As nice as it is, it is still rather straightlaced, which would seem to be prime territory for one of the companies in/famous rewrites. Normally, I would be adverse to such alterations, yet for this, I am actually somewhat interested to see how they handle it and to what extent they will "spruce" it up.

Regardless, I am just happy to see one of my favorite shows of recent come to the US. It's not too much of a surprise considering the relationship between GONZO and FUNimation. Solty Rei, though not as well-known or popular as a Last Exile or a Hellsing, still as managed to garner a good-sized fanbase. From my personal experience with the series, it is one that features a number of twists and turns, and highs-and-lows throughout; at times wonderfully pleasent and at others, wholly unrepentant. Despite its seemingly average nature, these traits go a long way in giving the show a distinct feeling. Even the music and animation, which at first do not seem to be anything special, do hold their own as the series progresses (more notably the former, which churns out some very nice pieces along the way). I'm not exactly holding my breath for an Adult Swim broadcast, but at the very least, I can purchase the first volume + Starter Box next month.

P.S.: Hopefully, just maybe, FUNimation will come out with a few of those special edition packs like they do with some of their other GONZO series (the Japanese versions looked very neat, with a folding package, a bonus disc, and a little trinket, like a magnet; but due to the popularity issue noted above, I doubt even a similar type will pop up over here)... Also, look out for a few homages to past GONZO series, for those interested...

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