Thursday, December 14, 2006

:boxing: James Toney and...Tae-Bo?

Not quite.

In training for his upcoming January 6th rematch bout with Samuel Peter, James Toney has turned to veteran martial artist--and Tae-Bo creator--Billy Blanks for aid in the preparation and conditioning, though Toney was sure to remind those during the conference call today that they weren't do any of Blanks' popular workout programs. "Everybody says we do Tai-Bo," he remarks, "We do not do Tai-Bo. We do war. We go to war. Billy used to be a fighter himself. Everybody forgets about that and it has been great working with him. He trains me everyday." The former Golden Glove champ has also been organizing Lights Out's diet, cutting out the carbohydrates and keeping him on chicken, fish, and vegetables, aimed at helping the infamously nicknamed "Fatman" slim down. Aiming to avenge his loss to Peter earlier this year by getting back into better shape, Toney appeared to be more subdued than his usual bravado-emitting self, focused on getting back at his younger foe and into the heavyweight title picture again. "The Nigerian Nightmare" is looking forward to their second ring dance, letting reporters know that it will be just the two of them squaring off.

"Billy Blanks will not be inside the ring. When I hit him, everything that Billy Blanks told him, he is going to forget."

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