Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HardDoor--The First Anniversary

At this time one year ago, I first launched HardDoor, my premiere foray into the world of blogging. Focusing on my two favorite subjects, anime and boxing, HD was to be my own personal gateway of conveying my thoughts on them and as a venue for trying out new aspects of writing and the such. I wish I could have accomplished more of what I had in mind, yet, I am also very glad to have at least posted this much, and more. I do hope to do even a greater amount of what I have in mind in this second round, so that's another thing to be happy about. :)

Hmm...but what of this "HardDoor" name? Where did it come from and why exactly is this blog called as such?

Well, a while before, there was a certain fighter on a certain show promoting his upcoming match, where he said that the fight would be "Rated H for 'Hardcore!'" However, instead of "Hardcore," I thought to have heard him jumble his speech and say "hard door." I rolled at this, but wanted to check a few sites covering it to see if he actually said that or it was just me.

Apparently, it was the latter.

The misnomer stuck around my head for a while. I still found it pretty amusing and wondered what, if anything, would fit for "Hard Door." Down the line, thoughts of making a blog were ever present in my mind, and with it, a name had to be given to it. One of the first to pop up was, of course, that, and the moment I put two and two together, it stuck. And thus, upon combining both words (and eschewing the once-proposed hyphen), "HardDoor" was concieved...

And HardDoor's still going strong!

Another year and onward...


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