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:anime: The Mystery Press Release of the Mysterious Shows...

Ever since starting HardDoor, I've managed to amass a decent list of contacts who keep me up on the latest happenings on the anime scene. This press release hails from the good folks at a distributor who wants to keep their name--and their acquistions--a secret for the time being. In the coming days, more info, as well as the identities of the company and the titles, will be revealed, though in the meantime, they would like to play a bit of a "guessing game" with the community as far as what will soon be in store!



March 31, 2008 (*******, **, USA) - ***************, the leading distributor of Japanese animation (anime) and feature films, will be announcing its newest anime acquitions within the next two weeks. Prior to this, we are giving the anime fan community the opporitunity to guess not only who we are, but which of the many fine titles available today we have currently in the works! (hint: there are seven(!))

DISCLAIMER: Asterisks covering the show's name or various aspects may or may not be indicative of their actual titles or details.

-Show #1-

******** ** ***** is a 52-episode action-adventure series about a young boy who embarks on the journey of a lifetime! He wishes to become the strongest ******* in the world, but lacks the courage or the skill to make his goal a reality. After stumbling across a secret old ***** detailing a lost ******* tucked away in a land ruled by an evil ****, he makes the decision to leave his village and go in search of the ******* that may very well make his dreams come true in spite of it all. With his floating talking cat ********, he'll encounter great trials and dangers on his journey, all the while meeting new friends and crazy characters along the way!

-Show #2-

********** ***** ******* ***** **** is a 39-episode tale of a middle-school girl who is always bored with her life no matter where she is, be it at school or home. On top of that, she has to contend with the pushy, snobby schoolgirls who always tease her, and the one boy she has always had a crush on is seeing one of those very girls! Walking home after one particularly bad day at school, she finds herself being chased by a monster down a dark alley, until a black feline there tells her that she has the power to turn into a ******* ******! Can she defeat the menancing creature with her newfound *******? And what about the rest of her life? What's a girl to do?!

-Show #3-

The 26-episode ******* **** ****** ********** begins as a long, drawn-out war between two countries have hit a stalemate. As both sides openly contemplate peace, one secretly has other plans up their sleeve. As they ********* ******* ******** ***, a young teenage boy escaping it stumbles upon ****** **********, a specially-built ****** that has the power to ******* *** ****, once and for all! Will the tide of the war change?

-Show #4-

14 year old ******* ***** was an ordinary boy leading an ordinary life--until a spaceship crash-landed in the pool! Stranded, twelve pretty alien girls shack up with him and his family while doing chores around the house to make up for all the mess they caused. Having to share the same house AND the same school with a bunch of cute girls may sound fun...if you don't count the invading space monsters, *******, pirates, **** ***, and twelve combatting personalities (and just one bathroom!).
General hilarity ensues in the 26-episode ******* ****** ***** *******!

-Show #5-

***** ****** and her three best friends are an aspiring pop group, *********** *****, aiming to reach the top. After a few chance circumstances, they manage to perform as the opening act to their idols, ********. They hit it out of the ball park and impress everyone, attracting the attentions of a number of producers and agents. Can they keep their eyes on the prize, and their heads out of the clouds, and become as big as ********? This and more in the 13-episode ******* *** *******!

-Show #6-

His father was once known as the greatest ************ fighter in the world and multiple world champion. Now, ****** ******** sets off on his own path, training hard, ********, and battling against the best to become the best, gaining recognition (and rivals) in ******** ******* ******, a six-part OVA!

And something for the grown-ups...

-Show #7-

********* ***** ***************** is a 3-part OVA series that revolves around *********, who one day comes across a ********. Eventually, him and his cute new friend *********** ******** ************* and ************** ****** ****** ********** ***********. But to make matters worse, ************ comes and then ********* *************** *** ***** ******** ************** ***. If only ****** ******** ********* *******... Then again, ****.

Though details will be revealed in the coming weeks, we can at least gurrantee that two of the above shows will be released in the next two months, with three more in the summer and the remaining two in the fall.

About ***************

***To Be Revealed***



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