Monday, July 07, 2008

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::07.07.08:: Return of the Round One KO

Yeesh...the schedule for last week was totally messed up (and antiquated), as the Chagaev-Valuev fight was postponed after the former suffered an injury during the final phase of his training, the John-Lozada bout seemed to have been scratched (with the champion fighting one Jackson Asiku on July 26), and their were a few notable ones that actually did take place that I did not know about...

[C] Kendall Holt KO1 WBO Light Welterweight Champion Ricardo Torres (Light Welterweight) [Showtime]
--So, in the rematch to their controversial bout last year, the match went something like this in the first round: Holt knocked down twice, not looking good on the second trip, accidentally headbutts Torres, catches him with an overhand right, KO's Torres completely cold (left fixated in a kneeling position against said ropes perfectly still), avenges loss, becomes new champion...

Not Previously Noted
[C] :Sat.07.05.08: WBA Middleweight Champion Felix Sturm UD Randy Griffin
--Hopefully this rematch win will get Sturm back into the fold as a potential opponent for Kelly Pavlik.

:Sat.07.05.08: Ali Funeka KO4 Zahir Raheem (Lightweight)
--Just when it seemed Raheem was on the way back up after his lost to Acelino Freitas in 2006, he suffered a severe setback after getting blown out by top-ranked Funeka. It was the first time he had ever gotten knocked out and, based on the linked report, it seems like Funeka was too much for him. Who knows if Raheem will ever reach the top again...

EDIT [07.08.08]: Revised Torres-Holt comments after finally seeing the fight. Quite crazy and nice--and in definite need of a third match to break the tie...

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