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:anime: Anime Kibbles 'n' Bits ::07.03.08:: ~Anime Expo 2008 Edition~

Anime Expo 2008, the largest anime convention in North America, got off to quite the bang today...

-:FUNimation Ent. Strikes a Deal to Distribute Select Geneon Ent. Titles:-
Geneon Enterntainment [USA], Inc. generated a great deal of news late last year when it unexpectedly bowed out of the anime distribution business after an agreement with ADV Films fell apart at the last minute and failed to salvage the company. Though it closed shop, a few of its series were still airing on a few channels, raising speculation that it was still active in some capacity.

All of the speculations, rumors, and murmuring largely came to an end today as FUNimation, the largest distributor of the region, announced that it had reached a deal with Geneon to handle the sales, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of a selection of their most recent titles (many of which were either unfinished or not released yet at the time of the closure). The titles (as listed in the press release, though perhaps not limited to) are as followed:

-Ergo Proxy
-Hellsing Unlimited
-Black Lagoon (both seasons)
-Elemental Gelade
-Fate/stay night
-Ninja Vixens (live-action)
-Paradise Kiss
-Rosen Maiden (both seasons)
-Shonen Onmyouji
-The Familiar of Zero
-The Story of Saiunkoko
-When They Cry - Higurashi
-The Law of Ueki
-Lyrical Nanoha (assumingly all of the seasons licensed previously)
-Kyo kara Maoh! Season 2

It appears that I was right about Geneon USA still existing and making a comeback this year. Taking the Kadokawa Pictures USA-type route was perhaps the right decision for the company given their situation. FUNimation has been doing a great job overall for the past few years and has plenty of good connections and channels, so it makes sense for Geneon to go with a powerful, experienced, and financially stable company like them for their distro needs and duties.

If one question does arise out of all of this, however, it's whether the dubbing for said series will continue with their respective studios or if they will fall under FUNimation's own?

-:The English Dub Cast for Gurren Lagann is Announced:-

The cast for the English adaptation of Gurren Lagann was announced today. The main cast list for the GAINAX anime consists of the talents of:

Studio: Bang Zoom!

ADR Director: Tony Oliver

Simon - Yuri Lowenthal
Kamina - Kyle Hebert
Yoko - Michelle Ruff
Viral - Sam Regal
Rossiu - Johnny Yong Bosch
Kittan - Christopher Smith
Kiyoh - Karen Strassman
Kinon - Stephanie Sheh
Kiyal - Gina Bowes
Leeron - Steve Blum
Lord Genome - Jamieson Price
Nia - Hynden Walch
Narrator - Tony Oliver

A fine cast list, indeed. Lowenthal sounds like a good fit as Simon, as well as Hebert as Kamina and Ruff as Yoko. Regal's and Bosch's roles are surprising ones, since they are playing against the type they usually play. Speaking of which, Blum's role definitely falls under that category, as he rarely (if ever) has played a, well, "flamboyant" role like Leeron. The choices for Lord Genome and the Narrator seem spot-on as well, though I'm especially keen on hearing how Nia will sound.

The first two dubbed episodes of the series will air on the Sci-Fi Channel on July 28, at 11 PM.

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